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Driving Pregnant: Seatbelts and Airbags

There isn't a lot of data about the safety of pregnant women and their unborn babies in car crashes and, as a result, there is a lot of misinformation. The most common: that seatbelts and airbags pose big risks.

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Choosing the Best Vehicle for Carpooling With Kids

Parents have a lot to consider when they shop for a vehicle, even more so if they'll be driving for a school carpool or have a large family. More than a third of the Edmunds editors have "been there, done that" — or are still doing it, so we know a thing or two about schlepping pint-size passengers, whether we're bringing them to day care, school, the mall or the soccer game.

My First Car - How I Got it and What it Did For Me

All the talk about the cash for clunkers program got me to thinking about my first car. Boy things have certainly changed and not just with respect to buying cars.

Cash For Clunkers Offers Stimulus Program That Works

When it comes to the federal stimulus package, it’s often been hard to point to concrete and immediate benefits.

Cars For Women? Is There Really Such a Thing?

It almost seems sexist to suggest that there are cars for women but the womanapostrophes demand in a car is quite different to that of a man. She has the expectation of wanting to feel safe and secure. Being as a womanapostrophes height is that much more different from a man, they prefer to have a seat that they can adjust to something that allows them a good view in all directions. Good visibility is a must to the woman driver.

10 Steps to Purchasing a Vehicle

Do you know what information to bring with you when you purchase a vehicle?

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