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Wake-Up Call Links Sleep, Obesity

Just in time for National Sleep Awareness Week, March 8-14, TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the nonprofit weight-loss support organization, explains the connection between obesity and sleep habits. According to TOPS, studies show a link between too few hours of sleep and increased body weight in both adults and children.

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Massage For Health Care During Pregnancy

Massage has been around for thousands of years in many cultures all over the world. China, Egypt, India, Greece and Rome are just a few who use massage therapy as part of their medical and health procedures. Ancient Egyptians as far back as 800 B.C. used massage therapy to diagnose and treat various medical conditions and also painted pictures of people receiving massages on the inside of their tombs. Massage therapy has been used to treat physical and psychological ailments for some time. It is even believed that Julius Cesar received daily massages for neuralgia. In many eastern countries like India, it is customary for a woman who has just given birth to receive a series of postnatal massages to help the body regain vitality quickly. In America, more and more women in America are discovering the benefits of massage during pregnancy.

The Many Benefits of Cooking

Many people I talk to struggle to find the time or motivation to cook with many competing priorities in their lives. In my view, cooking is one of the single best things you can do for your health. Here are a few reasons why cooking is so good for you. Use this as inspiration to get back in the kitchen!

Combat Wintertime Blues: Serotonin is Sunshine for Your Brain

The long days of winter can cause depression, fatigue, increased appetite, decreased interest in work and social activities, and a significant need for more sleep. This cluster of symptoms is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Myth. Money. Marketing The debate about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is big business! The pharmaceutical industry has invested billions of dollars in promoting and glamorizing HRT for women suffering from menopausal symptoms beginning in the peri-menopause and ending in menopause.

Nationwide Support Promises Mammograms for Women Under 50

Late last year the U.S. Preventive Screening Task Force set off a firestorm of controversy when it announced new federal guidelines for annual screening for breast cancer. In short, the Task Force guidelines said that routine mammograms weren’t necessary for women in their 40s and that women between the ages of 50 and 74 only needed to get screened every other year.

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