Monday, October 25 2021

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Tech Women's Program
by Jennifer Lankford

SDForum, Silicon Valleyapostrophes leading source of information and education in the technology community, today announced the launch of the SDForum Tech Womanapostrophes Program and their first event, "Getting the Most From Mentoring," to be held on September 25, 2008 from 5:30pm - 8:30pm in Cupertino.

"SDForum is proud to be working with the volunteers who have been leading Silicon Valleyapostrophes Alliance of Technology & Woman to build on their past success with bringing high-quality programs to women professionals in technology and programs to inspire middle-school girls to stay involved in science and technology," said Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO, SDForum. "As the largest and oldest association of technology professionals in the valley, we are delighted to launch a series dedicated, but not limited to, this community. The first evening program on mentoring will offer both parties the opportunity to advance their careers by building meaningful relationships with other women."

This first-ever event will be focused on creating a unique mentoring experience that encourages participation and enhances the learning process for both mentors and mentees. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore best practices to establish, sustain and maximize mentoring relationships.

"SDForum has always provided Silicon Valley with dynamic seminars, workshops and events, and I look forward to being part of their organization," said Francine Gordon, Chair of the SDForum Tech Womenapostrophes Program. "The Tech Womenapostrophes Program will offer evening programs for women looking to advance their careers as well as special weekend events to inspire young women to study math, engineering and science to prepare for careers in the technology industry."

Moderator for the panel discussion on September 25th is: Shelli Hendricks, Executive Development Consultant for EMC Corporation Panelists are: Eileen Sullivan, Group Director, Cadence; Joan Banich, Brand Identity Manager, Cisco; Kim Wise, CEO, Mentor Resources; and Tanja Miller, Learning and Organizational Development, Genentech.

For more information, visit

About SDForum

SDForum has been instrumental in setting the tech industry agenda for more than 24 years. As a non-profit dedicated to educating and creating relationships within the technology community, SDForum provides the latest insights on emerging technology trends and best business practices through events, specialized services and resources. The SDForum reaches 12,000 technology professionals annually, through more than 20 programs a month that promote emerging technologies and business practices. Long-standing relationships in Silicon Valley include technology companies such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, SAP and Sun Microsystems. In addition, SDForum has support from the City of San Jose, and sponsorship from over 30 venture capital firms, financial institutions, multinational enterprises, international trade organizations and service providers. For more information, visit