Thursday, September 23 2021

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First Relationship Self-Help Book Women Are Buying Specifically for Their Man; and It's Working
by Lynn Whitman

"Please Put the Toilet Seat Down" by author Darcy Frew is the first relationship self-help book women are buying specifically to give to their significant other, and not only is he reading it, itapostrophes improving the relationship.

First available to the public on August 8, 2008, the book employs the concept of a Cluetoon; a cartoon mixing humor with gentle advice. The fifty cluetoons in the book cover most common relationship issues.

"We think this is big news for women. Weapostrophere constantly hearing feedback that sounds like: after he read the book heapostrophes been acting nicer; he folded a load of laundry; he did some dishes; he volunteered to watch the kids; itapostrophes been amazing," said publisher Eric Shubert.

About the author:

In her first book, Darcy Frew combines her keen sense of humor with her passion for social behavior and relationships in a common sense, non- threatening way to help facilitate improvements in relationships between women and men.

About Libra Press:

San Francisco-based Libra Press is a publishing company committed to empowering authors with unique voices to help inspire positive change, with a good measure of lightheartedness and entertainment thrown into the mix.

For more information, visittheir website