Monday, October 25 2021

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Building Our Online Community
by Ian McManus

For some time now, we at WomenOf have been working on a way to offer our readers a central point, online, from which they could all network together, and we with them. In the age of ‘digital this’, ‘mobile technology that’, how do we stay connected? How do we push ourselves to keep in touch with our ever-growing address book?

Social networking has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years. Just three years ago, it accounted for 16% of internet user time. Today, social networking accounts for well over half the time people spend online. As the world grows, or shrinks, depending on how you look at it, our interactions spread farther and wider. Soon, we have friends around the country. We have partner businesses around the globe. And how do we keep in touch? These networking portals help us to do just that.

Keeping abreast of you, our wonderfully supportive members, is one of WomenOf’s chief goals. We not only want to provide useful and topical information for our readers, but also a place, and feeling, of community. We are excited to introduce to the readers of WomenOf our newest partner, – a social networking platform for business professionals and company owners. On the WomenOf homepage, in the upper right corner is a tab labeled “Our Communityapostrophe. This takes you directly to the buzzherd community page we have created with the team at buzzherd specifically for WomenOf members.

To give those of you who know little of our new partnership a better understanding, buzzherd is a networking site that focuses on businesses and business people. The goal is to create interactive communities both large and small. These communities, known as ‘herds’ on buzzherd, serve to facilitate discussions, interaction and information sharing between members. Buzzherd’s offerings are varied and valuable, ranging from an online forum for membersapostrophe business needs, to calendar management, to finding relevant leads, to promoting your business or event. No need to navigate numerous different websites for this - all of it can all be managed from the one site.

Readers are free to set up a personal account as well as a business profile (and thereafter managing it) for free, branding their own pages and receiving the benefits derived from search engine optimization (SEO for those in the know!) through the free listings and classifieds in the local directory pages. Our united desire is that leads will be more qualified and authentic conversation will be encouraged, with WomenOf members able to share information with each other regarding upcoming events, gatherings or general goings-on.

Joining the buzzherd network and the WomenOf online community is easy and free. Either go to, sign-up and then search for the WomenOf herd, or simply click on the “Our Communityapostrophe tab in the right hand corner of our homepage to get to our buzzherd page and sign up through there. Either way, come and join us, and our new community providers, to help create a bigger and better WomenOf community. We look forward to seeing you there!