Monday, October 25 2021

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Here it is - the New Year - 2009. Is One of Your Resolutions to Become More Organized?
by Gail Eddy

Organizing your files and folders inside your computer goes a long way towards minimizing clutter and increasing your ability to find the file youapostrophere looking for! Who wants to search for a folder in "My Documents" only to find a list two or three pages long with seemingly no rhyme or reason?

The first thing to do is to think about "My Documents" as a filing cabinet. In one drawer you might have your home files, in another your work files, in another all the files pertaining to your hobbies or special projects.

Then, create a folder for each of your primary projects or interests.

  1. To do this, open your Windows Explorer. (The easiest way to do this is to press the key with the "Windows" symbol and the letter "E" at the same time.)
  2. Click on "My Documents" to highlight it. If you have already created folders, youapostrophell see them here. You should see some standard folders such as "My Music" "My Pictures" etc.
  3. Then, on the top toolbar, click on "File" select "New" then select "Folder".
  4. Within "My Documents" youapostrophell see a new Folder called "New Folder". The title is highlighted and inside a box. Give it a new name that is meaningful to you. For example "Home Files" If youapostrophed like to change the name, simply right click on the folder and select "Rename".
  5. Repeat this step for each of your major interests. Within my "My Documents". I have folders titled "Friends", "Family", "Geek For Hire", "Christmas" and "Taxes", among others.

Once you have created a folder for each of your major interests, youapostrophell want to create subfolders for any subjects within that interest. For example, within my "Geek For Hire" folder, I have subfolders for "Marketing", "Billing", "Customers", and "Competition". Follow the same instructions as above, but instead of highlighting "My Documents", highlight the appropriate folder.

Once you get the hang of saving your files this way, finding them again will be much easier.

Happy Computing!

About the author:

Geek For Hire, Inc. provides Computer Troubleshooting and repair throughout the US and Canada and onsite support in the Greater Denver/Boulder area. Our ideal customer is a woman running her own small business. Geek For Hire wants you to be Outrageously Happy with your computer system! For more information on Geek For Hire, please visit