Thursday, September 23 2021

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The Laws of Attraction Now Give You the Power to Attract Your Ideal Mate
by Julie Williams

Williams, Wickersham, & Cannon introduces Create UR Mate by Heartlites, Inc. Heartlites, Inc. was founded by Marcy Neumann, nurse, inspirational speaker and ordained minister of over 30 years. Utilizing the Laws of Attraction, Marcy has developed a fun and exciting way to give you the tools necessary to bring that special "someone" into your life with Create UR Mate!

Often individuals find it easy to describe what they do not want in a mate, but difficult to pinpoint those qualities that are essential. Create UR Mate makes this process easy and fun! Make an exhilarating night of it with your friends. After all, who knows you better than those closest to you!

Create UR Mateapostrophes whimsical packaging is designed to resemble the classic Chinese take-out box and menu, created with the intent to stimulate and activate the Chakras necessary for the integration of this project with the user. Keying into the energy of the Chakras, powerful symbols and colors are used to manifest the ideals of your perfect mate.

Using this product, the "patron" chooses from 250 delectable menu items, as well as clever combo platters, to Create UR Mate! After selecting the desired characteristics from the categories of body, mind and spirit, as well as personal touches from the sushi category, use the chopsticks to stir it all up just right. Focus intently and send your order directly to the "universal restaurant" in the sky! While you are waiting for your order to be delivered, prepare yourself with the corresponding affirmations provided for your own personal development.

Included in this kit are:

  • 1 Chinese food take-out container
  • 1 pair of chopsticks
  • 1 all-inclusive "take-out" menu, complete with suggested corresponding personal development affirmations
  • Also included are full instructions, suggestions and lots of room forclarification and redefining

Heartlites, Inc. also brings you other innovative products, such as the CELLpH Love Guided Meditation CD, Create UR Dreams, and Score!, that help manifest positive energy through all the dimensions of your life.You can visit the website at