Thursday, September 23 2021

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Honor the Sisterhood!
by Sonya Lowe

In the midst of writing my next book, Work in Progress, I started thinking about my audience and the desired effect I want the book to have. A question came to mind. What is the meaning of “sisterhood”? I turned to Webster’s for the definition: Solidarity among women; the empathy and loyalty that women feel for other women who have shared goals, experiences, or viewpoints; the relationship of sisters. Sisterhood is about women helping women, facing whatever obstacles together and united. It is not about Black or White, Christian or Atheist, married or divorced. It’s a special unity among women.

Eager to know the full impact of sisterhood, I took my quest for knowledge on the topic to the streets of Los Angeles. Although the natives will hate me for this, I must to be truthful on the subject. After speaking to women of all races and backgrounds, I found that not only have we become one-dimensional and disrespectful, but also unforgiving and vengeful towards each other.

We have allowed our men to define who we are and sanction our relationships with other Sisters. I don’t know if this attitude was derived from the many times we allowed “himapostrophe to “decideapostrophe which of us “he wantedapostrophe, when he wasn’t worthy of either of us. Or if it stems from the mentality that in order to be up, we have to put the next woman down. Whatever the case, now is the time to start healing one another and placing real value on the Sisterhood wherever we are in life’s journey, wherever we are in geographical location, whatever our tax bracket may be!

It is time to make our own choices; we are empowered to take the lead in our lives and in that, make decisions in regard to the men we date and how we select them. It’s time to feel comfortable giving the next woman a compliment on hair or dress; to acknowledge each other in a positive way doesn’t negate our beauty. Most importantly, to form a true sisterhood, we must stop intruding on each other’s marriages and relationships.

No matter what he says, he has not been sleeping on the couch for the past three years! And he is not getting a divorce. What he is doing is playing a game ~ a hurtful, destructive game ~ that leads us to question our value and our worthiness. You must understand that if he’s a problem for me, he will be a bigger problem for you! Don’t even waste your time.

Honor the Sisterhood by sharing your experiences and your strength on all topics and let’s not be divided when it comes to a man. This divide is counter-productive and there’s no place for it in the Sisterhood of today. You are beautiful, intelligent and empowered so honor the Sisterhood!

About the author:

Sonya Lowe isa Los Angeles Author, who writes to empower women everywhere by bringing humor to the painful truth that exists in male-female relationships. Her fictional book, Work in Progress, is scheduled for release this summer. Contact information:; ~ PO Box 11134, Torrance, CA 90502 (888) 33-Wings