Thursday, September 23 2021

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Ladies, Are You A Cougar?
by Janet Williams

According to Wikipedia the slang word "Cougar" is used to describe an older woman who prefers to date men at least 5 years their junior. Dr. Joyce Brothers notes that women donapostrophet reach their sexual peak until their mid-thirties and sometimes older. Therefore, they are perfectly matched with a younger man who has more sexual vigor. Women today are taking care of themselves and often looking for younger men who can keep up with them.

Calling a woman a Cougar was initially an insult that meant an older woman who stalked and pounced on unsuspecting younger men while hoping for a sexual liaison. Women called Cougar were thought to be pathetic, lonely old women who preyed on immature young men because no one else would have them. My, how times have changed!

Now the word "Cougar" has become positive and means more of an attitude than the age of the men you date so you might be a Cougar without even knowing it. Take the Cougar Quiz below to find out if you are a fun loving, adventurous and confident Cougar!

Cougar Quiz:

1. Are you mature, independent and savvy?

2. Are you opinionated, sassy and fun?

3. Do you have a full fantasy life that you want to share with others?

4. Are you open to relationships with younger men?

5. Are you fun and enjoy humor of many different types?

6. Do you love to travel, explore and learn new things?

7. Are you getting sexier and more sensual as you age?

8. Can you assert yourself without worrying what others will think of you?

9. Are you happy whether in a relationship or not?

10. Do you know what you want and then go after it?

If you answered yes to more than one question then you have a true Cougar "attitude" and you can consider yourself a Cougar.

Being a Cougar is all in the attitude - attitude of exhilaration about life. They epitomize beauty and strength. A Cougar can be of any age, mothers, sisters, wife, lover and friend. Being a Cougar is about finding balance. Cougars revel in their relationships and are open to spiritual and mental freedom. They are intelligent, confident, and enjoy life; celebrating triumphs and surviving heartache. From all socio-economic backgrounds, Cougars have met lifeapostrophes challenges head on and proud to be themselves.

The defining qualities of a Cougar woman is confidence, assertiveness, sophistication, independence, intelligence, maturity, inner strength, wisdom and a fun loving attitude. She doesnapostrophet take no for an answer and often searches for unusual solutions to traditional problems.

If you have several of these qualities, regardless of your age, then you can be proud and proclaim yourself a Cougar! Enjoy your Cougar status by enjoying your relationships without guilt or expectations, travel somewhere exotic at the last minute, speak your mind without fear of recriminations and find like minded friends by joining the Cougar pack at Cougar Candy Store!

(c) 2009, Cougar Candy Store. All rights reserved. Reprints welcomed so long as article and byline are printed intact and all links made live.

About the author:

Janet Williams founded the Cougar Candy Store and dedicated it to woman of any age who are strong, sexy, smart and independent. Also open to men over 18, the website offers advice from experts, blogs, an online gift store and chat rooms, where they can share their fantasies and experiences and develop new friendships. To learn more about the Cougar Candy Store visit