Monday, October 25 2021

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Caution is Key with Online Dating
by Paula Spiletycz

Today, there’s no reason to leave home in order to find your significant other. By simply turning on your computer, dozens of potential candidates could be sitting in your mailbox waiting to be sorted through.Internet dating websites create the illusion of offering all the answers to our dating woes.

There seems to be nothing wrong with finding numerous possible suitors with the click of a button. But many people hide behind the mask of an alias, without ever telling anyone who they are until it’s too late.

It’s important to always remain cautious while interacting with people on the internet being that it never offers us 100 percent protection. But while we paranoid individuals steer clear from meeting people online, those who do choose to meet up with their cyber buddies should keep a few rules in mind.

Don’t give away too many personal details. There isn’t much of a need to change your first name, but there’s never a need to tell someone your last name, address or hometown. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to track someone down, thanks to technology.

If you want to find eligible bachelors in your surrounding area, say that you’re from a nearby city. While talking on the phone may seem necessary to start a closer relationship, you may want to think twice about giving out your phone number. If you decide to no longer continue seeing this guy, and he disagrees, a stalking incident could happen.

If you feel like you’ve connected with someone whose identity seems real, there’s no harm in meeting them, as long as it’s in a public area. Meeting at his house, your house, or a hotel is ridiculous and unsafe.

Have a few of your girlfriends be your personal spies and go to the same restaurant as you and the new guy. Have them sit a few tables away from you so they won’t be a distraction. Before the date, tell your friends that you don’t want to be left alone with this guy. That way, your friends will keep you in check and prevent you from wandering off with this guy even if things do seemingly go well.

Remember, if things do go great, he’ll want to see you again! Just continue to meet in public areas until you feel the trust starting to build.

Just when you think you’ve met your soul mate, you may feel like you’re on cloud nine, prompting you to jump head first into a big mistake. Predators always fool their victims when they’re most vulnerable, so even if you’ve met your new guy a few times, keep the drinking to a minimum.

You don’t want your good judgment to be impaired by alcohol in case he attempts to pressure you into doing something your sober mind knows isn’t right.

Remember that just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. If your plain-ole dating ways are working out for you, keep at it! Technology is a great way to broaden our horizons in every aspect of our lives, but the creation of thousands of dating websites doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed we’ll all find our perfect matches. It just means we might found a few extra frogs along the way. It’s a shame the internet can’t get rid of frogs and just hand us our prince.

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