Monday, October 25 2021

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Kelly Roniger

Most businesses who use the Internet today rely on it to communicate with their customers, vendors, employees, and partners. They also perform research, contact prospects, and conduct commerce online. While being connected to the Internet provides a wealth of information and opportunities, this form of communication can involve some risk.

Security solutions currently available from the Internet and networking market provide a spectrum of capabilities, including restricting Internet services and access times, requiring user authentication, and supporting advanced logging and alarms.

Regardless of a company###s specific issues or the size and type of its network, the ultimate goal of an Internet security strategy is to provide access between the Internet and a company###s private network. This needs to be done in a manner that reduces security risks while boosting competitive advantage and opportunities. While steps should be taken to determine the necessary level of protection, most businesses today fall into one of two broad categories when it comes to Internet security: blissfully unaware or paranoid and panicked. Neither response is appropriate.

The spectrum of security offerings range from basic packet filtering for a relatively simple but effective security solution, to integrated firewall products that can provide capabilities required for the implementation of complex security policies. The process of determining your security requirements starts with an analysis performed by an experienced network security consultant or employee who evaluates the specific business requirements and goals and concludes with a complete security policy and solution plan.

Taking the time to educate yourself so you and your business can move ahead onto the Internet, safely and profitably.


As a Program Manager for 3Si, Kelly Roniger develops and manages business relationships with Internet security partners and direct customers. As a part of her position, she provides Internet Security Assessments. Kelly can be contacted by phone: 303.741.9123 or e-mail: