Monday, October 25 2021

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Jacqueline Carbone, YIOW! Inc.

It###s Internet Jeopardy, and we###re starting with Internet Basics for $100. The answer is "The Internet."

A) What is a jungle?

B) What is an ocean?

C) What is interactive technology that enables you share information worldwide?

D) What is a restraining device?

You may have answered (A) jungle, because of the Explore the Web tag line thrown at you. Same goes for answer (B) ocean, how many times have you been asked to Surf the Web? If you chose (D), you need professional help! The correct answer is (C ) Interactive Technology. Using the World Wide Web for the first time can be intimidating, believe me! But, if you chose answer (C ), you are made of the "right stuff" and with a little practice, persistence, and imagination you will be able to utilize this magnificent piece of technology to expand your world without leaving your chair!

Once you have accessed the Web through your computer, you will need to type in a URL (the address of a website) to be able to connect to the website you want to visit. URL###s begin with ###http://www...### (i.e. If you do not know the specific site, but wish to search by topic, you can utilize friendly free search tools (like

Yahoo!, Lycos, Excite) to find the URL of the site you wish to visit, but more on that later! Once you are at the website of your choice, you may navigate by placing your cursor (and clicking) on a link or an icon. Icons are pictures representing another location. Links are the same thing, but in text format. If you are unsure if an icon or text is a true link, place your cursor over the area and if your cursor turns into a hand, you have found a link! A simple click and you are taken to another area, either a different page in the same site or a different website. The home page link (either the icon or text) will take you back to the home page of the website you are visiting. The home page of a website is like a combination of the cover and table of contents of a book. Another valuable tool for navigation is the back page button (place graphic here) which will take you back to each previous page you have visited until you arrive at where you first started.

Do you have an area of interest but do not know the URL of the site? This is where you will use directories and search engines. I will list a few of the most popular ones and explain how to access them.

Alta Vista




When you arrive at a home page, enter in "key words" (these words narrow your search).

Let###s say you want information on flowers. First, type in "flowers" and click on the search button. You will find many listings!

To narrow your search, click on the back button to return to the previous page and type "flowers, asters," click on the search button and notice how your search responses have become more targeted by using the right key words! Be patient, if you do not get the listings of the type of websites you want, type in different key words.

You will navigate through a website just as you have moved through this article, by finding the words and sentences that lead (link) you to where you want to go. It###s that easy!--Cyber On!


Jacqueline Carbone is CEO of YIOW! Inc. She has been in the Internet and Intranet industry for more than five years, applying Internet solutions to business problems. She has a B.S. from the University of Northern Colorado and is the co-host of a new radio and web magazine of technology, Exopa Terra. For more information about the show, visit