Monday, October 25 2021

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A New Look at Mondays - Technically Speaking
Rob Reuteman, Business Editor, Rocky Mountain News

Mile High Tech is your new weekly guide to the world of personal computing, appearing each Monday in the Rocky Mountain News Business Monday.

Our aim is to help readers understand:

  • The newest computer equipment
  • The latest and best software
  • The Internet and its use
  • How to cope with the changes the computer chip brings to our culture

Those of you used to finding personal finance information in your Business Monday section will still find it Mile High Tech. Columnists Jane Bryant Quinn and Humberto Cruz, as well as our popular rate charts, are on the Personal Finance pages at the back of the section, along with the new investment advice from Motley Fool, the online investment guide.

Mile High Tech will evolve, with your help. Let us know what you think:

phone: 303.892.5419

mail: Mile High Tech, c/o Rocky Mountain News, 400 West Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80204


You can visit Mile High Tech on the Rocky Mountain News### new and comprehensive web site: