Monday, October 25 2021

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New Web resource for female relatives, friends, members of Naval Special Warfare

There’s a new resource for female relatives, wives, widows, friends, special ex-wives, and the women attached to Navy SEAL, SWCC, SDV, SBT, and SEAL R. Teams, along with Naval Special Warfare Command. It’s a new Website, at, designed to provide a community and support network for the women of NSW.

"Our website is a place where members can all go for tips, a newsletter (, counseling, shopping, projects, and physical fitness in addition to emailing other members in a safe environment," said Paula Sitter, founder of the organization and whose brother is a Navy SEAL. For the first year, membership is free for the women compliments of Ms. Sitter. Donations are also accepted.

"We were formed hoping for the generosity of billions of freedom loving peoples all across the world and to raise awareness of the NSWFoundation, WNSWFoundation, and . Our shopping site, located at, enables supporters to "Shop and Donate with the same Dollar." Product monies generated from the sale of a Puffed Heart Flag Pendant (Visit: designed by nationally renowned jeweler, Jeff Dunnington, will also assist the various organizations.

The Women of NSW have organized an art and quilt project. "The art project is being done by Navy SEAL Mokie Martin, who I believe has the true Spirit of the SEALS," said Ms. Sitter, who commissioned the project. When complete, the art will hang at NSWC and at the , in Coronado, Ca. The project is open to Master Quilters, who can help. Readers may contact Women of NSW,

, 80222-4145. Please include a SASE. Or email .

, 80222-4145. Please include a SASE. Or email .