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About WomenOf

We are THE online resource for women. We, at WomenOf.com™, know that today’s busy woman needs quick access to a vast array of information.

Women now make up more than 52% of Internet users with more than 20 million women online in the U.S. More than half of new Internet users are women, suggesting that their presence on the World Wide Web will continue to grow. WomenOf.comâ„?delivers usable information to these women on topics ranging from career-business, health, family, style and travel to entertainment. Writers include national and local well-known, credentialed figures in their field.

Of women using the web, 35% work in education, 19.8% are professionals, and 18.2% have computer-related jobs. The demographics of WomenOfColorado.com are typical of WomenOf.comâ„?s readers overall. More than 90% are women; 96% are employed (either self employed or other); 84% have college degrees; and 80% earn $50,000 or more annually.

According to a recent study of women's presence on the World Wide Web, women are "no longer a niche market-in fact, they represent just over one-half of the online population today. As the Internet becomes more and more of a mainstream medium, women become more critical to the equation in terms of content, and e-commerce development."

Most women believe the Internet's convenience saves time and enhances their lives by offering communication, shopping, news and information, according to a study by cheap michael kors 2014 new Millward Brown IntelliQuest for MSNâ . Women aged 18-54 in the study log on regularly (69% log on daily) and over half have been using the Internet for at least three years.

WomenOf.com™ enjoys significant placement on search engines. It is #2 for online magazine for women and #3 for women's online magazine on AOL; #2 for magazine for women on Alta Vista, #1 for working women magazine on Google, and #6 for online magazine for women on Yahoo. It holds the #1 and #2 spots for Colorado women magazine on Lycos.

The WomenOf.com™ trademark, concept and format are available in communities across North America. WomenOf.com™ is pursuing contract labor agreements with persons interested in heading up local issues. The primary duties of the agreement are the sales of corporate sponsorships and the solicitation of articles from women in each community. WomenOf.comâ„?anticipates providing about 80% of the editorial for its family of publications. ProSolutions, Inc. handles the web hosting and Internet set-up. For information please e-mail us at info@womenof.com.

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