Ditch the TV, Ditch the Fat

by Kim Farmer

Your home environment plays a large role in your successful quest toward a healthier lifestyle. There is a direct correlation between the number of TVs you have, how visible you keep healthy foods vs. not so healthy foods, and how easy it is for you to get up and exercise. If you want to see changes in your health, then you must make changes in your environment at home (and at work). Use these tips to help you make the transition:

1. How many TVs do you have in your house? A report published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine showed that based on a survey of overweight people with a history of dieting, the habits of successful 'losers' included having fewer televisions at home. This makes sense since it is easy to see a TV, turn it on, sit down and start watching. Too hard to get rid of the TVs? Then make a goal to do something whenever you are watching it. Try doing squats, lunges, pushups or situps while watching the tube to make your time more productive.

2. When you go in your kitchen, what is the first type of food you see? If you don't keep food on the counters, then check out your refrigerator and cabinets. Keep fresh fruit and/or veggies out in plain sight where you will see them first so you will be more tempted to grab an apple (or something similar) when you need a snack. Keep healthier options front and center in your cabinet and refrigerator for the same reason. We tend to take the path of least resistance for most things in life, and this includes eating and exercise. Make it harder to eat less nutritious options and easier to eat healthier options.

3. Exercising at home is always the most convenient way to burn off those calories, but not always the easiest. What barriers do you unintentionally create for yourself that make it harder for you to exercise at home? It takes no more than about three square feet of space to do many, many exercises. Make sure that you have this space available in your home without having to move heavy furniture or go too far to get any equipment you might need. If you use videos, keep them in an area that is very close to where you will actually use them. Make everything as convenient as possible and you will have a harder time finding excuses not to do it.

Most of us need all of the help we need to eat the right foods and exercise at an intensity that is right for our bodies on a consistent basis. Help yourself by making it easy, convenient and free of temptations that could potentially cause a setback in your forward progress.

About the Author:
Kim Farmer is a Personal Trainer and Clinical Exercise Specialist working in the Denver Metro area. She can be reached at 720-436-3899 or kfarmer@milehighfitness.com or visit her website at http://www.milehighfitness.com/.



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