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Sticking Your Neck Out: Discover the Top 7 Ways to Reach Your Peak Performance

As a motivational speaker for Fortune 500 companies and an Olympic gold medalist, I have seen what makes an individual most successful in the boardroom and on the slopes. Over the last five years, I have researched the similarities of forty different highly-successful individuals—including the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Prince Albert of Monaco, Dr. Stephen Covey, Shaun White and many more. And no matter the field or endeavor, I have found The Turtle Effect philosophy at the core of everyone's success.

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Hannah's Take: Believe You Can Make a Difference

About 111 women die of breast cancer every day in the United States. A million teenagers get pregnant each year. Someone dies every thirty-one minutes because of drunken drivers. I'm not writing this to bum you out. But you might be thinking, There are so many problems, there's no way that I or any one person could solve anything.

Ten Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, February 14 can be an opportunity to renew your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and enhance your well-being. Chocolates and sweets may abound, but this Valentine’s Day, incorporate the following ten tips from TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), the nonprofit weight-loss support organization, for increased peace of mind and tranquility that lasts well beyond the holiday. You may find yourself with a fuller heart and without a wider waistline.

Setting your sights on success in 2010!

People have all sorts of reasons for setting New Year's resolutions. It's a useful ritual that can help us imagine a better life for ourselves, or trick us into thinking that it's that easy to instigate change. But real change requires determination, desire, and perseverance, and statistics show that only 40% of people who set resolutions stick with them until they reach their goals.

How to Prep Emotionally for the Holidays

The spiritual teacher Ram Das says: You want to see how together you are, go spend some time with your family! This sentiment is particularly apt during the holidays, when emotions run high and painful memories are easily triggered. Especially if this holiday things are different than you would like them to be: i.e. you’re single (again), newly divorced, bringing someone home your family can’t stand, or maybe you simply dread the same old story your family dynamics dose on when you get together. Here are a few tips that can help you face whatever may come with more confidence and grace than you'd imagined.

Be the Change: Seven Women Who are Transforming the World From the Inside Out

"You must be the change you want to see in the world," as Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said. In other words, change has to start within ourselves; we cannot expect the world to change if we do not. Instead of focusing on the problems, we can start to live the solutions.

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