Sunday, September 19 2021

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Preparing For Fitness Boot Camp
by David Clair

You say your ready to get in shape. Now what? Why not mentally and physically prepare now! Remember, what you put into the camp is what you will get out of it.

Now I don’t really know what you currently do for exercise and fitness but if you donapostrophet regularly exercise now I encourage you to get into some sort of routine. To help you get yourself physically ready for camp I recommend that you do some of the following exercises three times a week. Most of these can be done anywhere - even in front of the boob tube.

Please donapostrophet push yourself too hard on any of these exercises and if you experience any pain or discomfort with any of these just skip that exercise. The point is just to get the body and muscles used to be worked a bit harder than normal. Make sure to warm-up for a few minutes before these exercises and stretch for at least 5 minutes after each session.

Below are shown 4 exercises that you might want to do 2 sets of (start with lunges, then pushups, squats, and then crunches... and then repeat the 3 exercises one more time). You choose how many of each exercise you feel comfortable. Remember the goal is not to wake up sore the next day - it is simply to GENTLY work each different part of the body. I have given you a link to a website that will show you how to properly perform each exercise (just hold down your CTRL key and mouse click to follow the link). It is WAY better to do just a few of an exercise with proper form than to let the form get away from you as you focus on doing apostrophemoreapostrophe and apostrophemoreapostrophe.

Note: these links are to an ‘interactive’ site. Move your cursor over the photo to see the exercise performed.

1. Lunges.

2. Pushups.
To make pushups easier you can let your knees rest on the floor.

3. Squats
Once you are comfortable supporting yourself against a wall, progress to a squat away from a wall. You will stand upright and bring the hips back again like you were to sit in a chair.

4. Abdominal crunches

Once you are comfortable with the above exercises you can add in a bit of cardio work between each of these ‘strength’ sets. So after you have done a set of lunges, take a minute or two to jump rope, walk/jog in place, do jumping jacks or walk up and down stairs to bring your heart rate up. Don’t go crazy here, we just want to elevate your heart rate and then continue on to the next strength routine. Just keep alternating back and forth… strength, then cardio, then strength…

The above exercises are generally for strength and we want to also work on the cardiovascular component of your fitness. To help prepare for Camp I recommend that you do some cardio routine (jog, bicycle, swim, power walk/hike, jump rope, etc) 2-3 times week before we meet. I suggest you alternate days between your ‘strength days’ and your ‘cardio days’. If you already jog (bike, swim, etc.) regularly then no need to change your cardio routine.

If jogging or one of the other cardio routines is new to you go easy at first. Choose a short distance and leisurely pace at first. I wonapostrophet recommend any particular distance or pace as this is very individual. The important thing is just to get the heart going and gently get the legs, arms, joints and lungs used to being more active. Once again, remember the word GENTLY - donapostrophet push yourself. If you donapostrophet jog now, donapostrophet even consider going out for a 4 mile run. Start out with 1/2 or 1 mile and then increase slightly each day as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Believe me, any prep you do can only help you and get that energy revved up. Enjoy!

About the author:

David Clair operates Fitness For Living’s Boot Camps and has been energizing adults with its unique approach to fitness for 6 years. The camps are designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels and meet 3 days a week for five weeks both indoors and out year-round in Boulder and Longmont.

David is a certified Personal Trainer, a licensed USA Cycling coach and a certified Kickbox Instructor and indoor Spinning Instructor. Prior to working in the fitness industry, he operated Roads Less Traveled for 10 years, an adventure travel company specializing in weeklong biking, hiking and multi-sport trips throughout western North America and abroad. David participates in most outdoor activities and over the past twenty-five years has competed in bicycle races, running races and triathlons.

His philosophy on fitness and life is simple – Make it Fun! If it is not fun you won’t do it; you’ll always have an internal struggle staying motivated – whether it is work or play.

For additional information visit or call 303-443-8141.