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Google History and Your Privacy

What started in 1997 as a research project and a mission as the way to organize the world’s information has turned into the world’s largest search engine. Google has given anyone with an Internet connection access to more information than they realize. With such quick access to information, you need to be careful what you put on the World Wide Web and realize what is contained in your Google History. Remember, posts—and searches—are permanent. Here are a few privacy issues when it comes to Google:

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Discover and Recover from Identity Theft in 2010

Since you can’t protect yourself 100% from identity theft, make sure that you Monitor the Signs! Heading into a new year people make many resolutions that they may or make not stick with, but protecting your identity should always be a top priority. Here are three effective tips to help discover and recover quickly if you become the victim of identity theft:

How to Protect Your Children from Online Sexual Predators

The Internet has brought the world together via instantaneous communication with other people through text, pictures, video, and data, in a way that was incomprehensible a few decades ago. It is an incredibly powerful tool, in the right hands. In the wrong hands, it is an incredibly dangerous weapon.

Top Ten Tips for Dynamite Digital Photography

Here are 10 easy ways to greatly improve your digital photographs and avoid the pitfalls that are common with today's automatic cameras. Professional photographers Michele and Tom Grimm offer these and many more tips in their brand-new handbook, The Basic Book of Digital Photography.

Cell Phone Tapping: Are You at Risk?

Recently two soldiers alerted me to the new security risk of cell phone tapping. SigInt, or signal interception, has long been a part of warfare and espionage, but the possibilities erupt with the advent of cell phone tapping. Imagine the conversation of a soldier being overheard by the enemy – deployment details, troop locations, command structure and strategic and tactical information would all be at risk. The prospect is terrifying for our national security.

Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don't want to read

The World According to Twitter is David Pogue’s experiment in writing a book entirely composed of the tweets (aka “responses” for you non-Twitterers) he receives from his 200,000 online followers to a single question he poses them. Each response is funnier than the next and makes for an entertaining read. Following is an excerpt of Pogue’s challenge to “Compose the subject line of an email message you really, really don’t want to read.”

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