Tuesday, April 20 2021

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How Women-Friendly Are Auto Dealerships in the Metro Denver Area?
by Laura Ryan

First report May 21, 2008

My ultimate goal is to visit every new-car dealership on the Front Range, some of the used-car dealerships and most of the motorcycle-powersports and RV/motor home dealerships. While I am there I will find out how women-friendly they are--and report back to you here and in more detail on my website at http://www.ColoradoAutoInfo.com.

Last night I met a lady who urged me to talk to "the worldapostrophes greatest mechanic", so I will visit him, too. Watch for my next article - please send me an email and let me know if you have suggestions on who you would like me to visit (I will need contact information and a brief description of why that store or salesperson, mechanic etc is so good.)

I will only mention names of those whom I find to be friendly to women - feel free to email me your horror stories, and these articles will focus on the positive. Go to my website (above) for more in-depth information and photos about these women-friendly stores and employees.

I went out on Monday, May 19th, and visited almost every car and powersports dealership on 104th Avenue in Westminster/Thornton and on 120th Avenue in Broomfield. There were a total of 13 visits - I did skip a few, and will visit those at a later date. I found a mixed reception. I did not present myself as a customer; I pulled up alone in my dark blue 2007 Honda Civic LX Sedan, dressed nicely, and asked for the General Manager or the General Sales Manager.

My "real" job is working with SendOutCards, a relationship-building company that helps people act instantly on a "prompting" to keep in touch with family, friends, loved ones - and customers. I am introducing the automobile industry to an easy and inexpensive way to keep in touch and build better relationships with their customers. (I did not mention that I am writing for Womenof.com on women-friendly dealerships, on this first round of visits.)

I am 54 years old, and what really struck me about this first round of visits was how generally friendly and helpful the older salesmen were. I was also treated extremely well by Tree King at Grand Auto Inc (2000 W 104 Ave in Thornton) the only saleswoman I spoke to. John Spencer at the same store was helpful and pleasant as well.

Completely the opposite of what I expected, the younger salesmen (in their 20apostrophes and 30apostrophes) were the ones who appeared eager to impress upon me how unimportant I was, and to run interference with the management: "And you are? And who do you represent? And this is regarding? Do you have a card? Heapostrophes busy right now." I donapostrophet know - itapostrophes not like these guys (salesmen) were doing anything else and I interrupted their busy schedule. I donapostrophet believe any of them offered information to me on who I should talk to, hereapostrophes his name and number, call for an appointment.