Wednesday, April 21 2021

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A Tale of Two Auto Brokers
by Laura Ryan

Take advantage of the wisdom offered by these autobrokers when buying a car.

A tale of two brokers (be sure to visit my website for more details)

Auto Broker John Woullard, of Wheelsworth Inc in Thornton, was recommended to me by no less than three people within a space of ten days! When I arrived at his office on a Friday morning, I found John to be warm and personable. He walked me through the process he uses to help his clients get the vehicle they want while maintaining a positive experience.

John warns that his services are not for everyone - he explains that this is business, not an impulse buy. On the first phone call from a new referral client, John attempts to hold the conversation to no more than fifteen minutes, to respect that personapostrophes valuable time. He has an incoming call sheet that he completes with specific information on the year, make, model, must-have options, desired and excluded colors, and other details for each request. His promise: to get back to that caller within 2-24 hours with the requested information.

Wheelsworth customers have four choices when it comes to acquiring their new automobile: Call and set up an appointment to come to Wheelsworthapostrophes comfortable office and meet with John Woullard to discuss exactly what vehicle is desired; then go directly to the desired dealership to get any trade-in vehicle appraised and drive the car (John will set up that meeting with the appropriate person at the dealership.) If the client already knows exactly what he wants, he can make all the arrangements with John by phone and the car will be delivered at Wheelsworthapostrophes office with all documentation - no need to ever visit a dealership.

The third option is for Wheelsworth to make all of the arrangements, then the buyer picks up her new car at a specified dealership. Everything is set up in advance, there are a few minutes of signing papers and the buyer is on her way with her new car. The fourth option, used more often for commercial clients, is to have the new car or truck delivered directly to the buyerapostrophes home or office with all of the paperwork ready for signing.

I found John Woullard at Wheelsworth to be very knowledgeable and woman-friendly; contact him at
That same afternoon, I visited AutoSearch USA in Louisville. Coloado owner Steve Warner prides himself upon never having worked in the automotive industry, and hires non-insiders to work for him as well. Richard Young, one of the Louisvillebrokers,had beenreferred to me by a friend who has known him for several months. When I arrived at the office, Richard was out rounding up four different cars for a prospective customer to see and drive, but came in a little later in time to help show me around the facilities.

Steve Warner was kind enough to give me a tour of the office, and informed me that the company is nationwide, and currently has 3 Colorado offices in Longmont, Louisville and Colorado Springs, with plans to expand to Aurora and West Denver as well. He said their motto is, "The search for your perfect car starts here." Steve works with various companies in the local area to sign up AutoSearch USA as a Human Resources benefit for employees, and holds a number of instructional classes each year for employees of these large to small companies. 80-90% of AutoSearch USAapostrophes business is used cars, and customers never have to set foot in a dealership. Steve added that time and customer treatment are the biggest issues that his company addresses.

AutoSearch USAapostrophes brokers each handle the entire process for their individual clients, from searching the entire country for exactly the right car, to having it brought in and inspected, to searching for the best trade-in value for the clientapostrophes old vehicle. They typically go to the customerapostrophes work or home to complete the transaction, with all appropriate documentation ready to go.

Richard Young can be contacted at 303-590-4235 (cel) or