Tuesday, April 20 2021

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The Lady and Her Truck
Sheronde Glover

At 5’4 and a size 6, I might not look like a woman that would appreciate a pick-up truck, let alone drive one. But I did and not just a cute truck, a huge gray 1986 Ford Ranger that could really haul a load! I confess, sometimes I really miss my truck. I loved the power I felt behind the wheel. And as a homeowner it definitely came in handy around the house. I eventually sold it when two men knocked on my door and offered to buy it on the spot. But the truth is, women like trucks. Actually, women love trucks ---- just ask Jo Ann Costello. Jo Ann has owned two Silverado’s and currently owns a Dodge Ram 1500. Owning trucks her whole life, Jo Ann bought her first truck when she was a single mom. Friends counted on her to help them move stuff and it didn’t hurt that her 8-year-old son thought having a truck was cool.

Why do women like trucks? JoAnn shared her top 5 reasons for owning a truck: “I really like the feel and security a truck offers. Secondly, I like the height a truck has and the power it will put out when needed. Third: Driving a truck is so much safer than a car.... I moved to Texas from the San Francisco bay area and a car in this neck of the woods just is not acknowledged, nor does it receive any respect...however a big honking truck means business! Once you have driven a good truck, cars will NEVER be the same....they are just plain old fashioned, different in the feel and handling. Fourth: Women have spent a lot of time doing what other people think they should and that is even from other women! (donapostrophet you think that is too big for you dear? How can you get into it? Heavens, I can’t get my leg up that far. Itapostrophes so unwomanly!) Finally Jo Ann says, “Trucks are fun. Women work HARD and they need vehicles that can work with them. I see more women buying trucks for the safety, the good feel it gives you, an occasional look from a surprised man and the ability not to depend on others to get it done!apostrophe According to a study by R.L Polk, women are buying trucks, but they definitely buy for different reasons. Beth’s husband wanted a truck to haul things in. A jeans and t-shirt kind of gal, Beth is always happy to drive with the windows down and says you seem to have more fun in a truck. The Dodge Dakota she and her husband share offers good gas mileage, has an extended cab so the kids can fit in back, drives good and handles well. On another note, Cheryl of Appomattox, Va., owns horses and a trailer and uses her Ford F-150 to haul them. Although Cheryl thinks women mostly shy away from trucks because of the high gas prices, she personally loves driving a truck because they’re large and she feels safe. Cheryl plans to get another, even larger truck the next time she buys. Well, ladies what about you ---- are you a truck lover? Do you enjoy the power and feel of a truck? If you’re considering a truck and have been wondering if it’s a good investment, here’s a summary of why women like trucks: Why women buy trucks: They’re great for hauling stuff ---kids included. They make you feel safe and powerful (you can’t deny a woman in a truck). Husbands like them and they help eliminate excuses for why they can’t do home repair. Trucks are fun baby! Trucks are good for women that: Are homeowners. Have kids. Want to make a statement on the road. Just remember when you’re out shopping for your next vehicle; trucks are for ladies, too. Author Bio Sheronde Glover is the founder of Car-Buy-Her, an automotive resource that educates women on car buying and maintenance in addition to consulting with automotive companies and dealerships on marketing effectively to women. The company provides training, marketing, and copywriting services to dealerships and hosts a virtual resource for women at www.car-buy-her.com. Car-Buy-Her also publishes Female Auto Consumer, a quarterly publication. You can reach Sheronde at sheronde@car-buy-her.com.