Friday, April 16 2021

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Grays matter, staple suits, knit-picking, global-style and flights of fancy
Rebeca A. Peterson, Professional Make-Up Artist an

As the wind picks up and leaves turn color, itapostrophes time to huddle a bit in those closets sipping hot tea and get them in shape for cooler weather. Thumbing through most fashion magazines will reveal that gorgeous gray is the new classic shade for fall elegance so look for it and embrace this sophisticated alternative to basic black. A wide range of shades awaits you, from darkest charcoal gray to the palest hue with a sheen one step from silver. From satin finish to embellished, dress it up as you would that black, with simple color partnering and jewelry.For a classy accessory to match, take a look at the card holders at (


Speaking of classic, thereapostrophes another trend youapostrophell want to take note of because itapostrophes another basic essential and a great investment if you look for great quality and construction. Suit up, ladies, in your perfect shade of gray (true gray, brown gray, green gray, etc.) to bring in the fall with the new old-Hollywood stylings from the 1940apostrophes. This was the best decade of fashion mainly because it flattered many body types, curvy and slim, tall and petite. It was all about fit, great tailoring (by the way, if you donapostrophet have a tailor-they make your clothes feel custom-made) and self-confidence. Ultra-feminine and practical for most occasions...what more could you want? Read on and find out...

The take on the suit is simple this year, a fresh breath from last yearapostrophes military and metal overload. Katherine Hepburn would be proud of the sleek lines and perfect-drape fabrics. Look for clean lines like Jill Sanderapostrophes or curvy silhouettes like Valentinoapostrophes. Add a silk scarf and top with the perfect beret or hat from She Sheapostrophes (more on Crystalapostrophes store below) to look great in spite of the fickle winter wind. Slip on a sleek yet sturdy leather boot or pump (wear apostropheem before snow hits!) and finish with second look-worthy icing for those new gray sweets. You can never go wrong with classic jewelry for office or dinner out from Gina Guthrie, whose original designs in high-quality sterling silver featuring fabulous gemstones like mysterious moonstone; these pieces are fool proof staples of style that look great on anyone. Masterful design coupled with personal, attentive service makes her one designer to watch. (720-962-8600 or email at


Knits make a comeback this fall but are used in slightly different ways. Metallic knits around the waist or huge over-sized sweaters hit the runways, some short pullovers and some long buttoned cardigans seemed to drown the poor models wearing them, but we all know fashion is flexible. How does a girl wear these without appearing like a “donapostrophetapostrophe sans the black rectangle over the eyes? Anne Klein had the right idea with flowing, monochromatic knits belted simply. Pick tapered shapes with a similar belt or tighter knits that drape and donapostrophet bulk up. Need good cable-knit service? Try my favorite look inspired by Burberry Prorsum: medium knit dark gray, sweater with smooth black tights and shiny black calf-hugging boots and the subtly exotic jewelry like the African Bead necklaces and Bali Chandelier earrings available at Two Hemispheres. Janis Townsend, talented and friendly designer, collects beads and charms from all over the world for you and is happy to customize a design as well ( Can it really be this easy to look fabulous? Do birds fly?

Feathers Fly

How about feathers for fall? Foul play? Not at all, my pretties! Feathers showed up on the runways in full force! From Malandrino to one of my personal inspirational favorites, John Galliano, the feathers with a vintage nod were everywhere, hair, dresses, blouses and more. So how to fly into feather fashion? Start with small touches on collars, cuffs or on purses to test your wings first, and focus on one area to have fun with. Keep the rest subtle and have a smooth flight! To tickle your new trend taste buds, hit She She Boutique and peruse their fabulous feather accessories with that 20apostrophes-40apostrophes appeal in a range of colors and more. ( )

Now that you are fabulously feathery, fly around the world! The last trend to report is that of global fashion so have fun incorporating what is often a summer style into fall and winter. You already have the info on beaded jewelry from around the world, so now letapostrophes focus on India and its rich, bold palette in the form of gorgeous skirts, tops and satchels of silky fabrics with shimmery touches. Pair a lush, exquisitely adorned skirt with a complementary solid-color, long sleeved top and heels for an instant festive ensemble to transition into holiday time; dance over to ( ). To feast your eyes on iridescent and spirited earlobe and neck adornments, globe-trot over to Megan Basset Glass Designs. Her fused and dichroic glass pendants and earrings with silver (for that gray suit or sweater) and Asian florals left me longing for the Orient! ( ). There you have it, gorgeous autumn wrappings for your precious little self. Make sure you tell these lovely people that we shared the love.

Update Your Face

Now onto your most important accessory, your face. To go with the above looks, a classic make-up from the 40apostrophes takes it to the ultra-femme, glam level we all long for after lip gloss and bronzer. The ladies from the movies had experts dress and fluff them, but you can achieve a more updated look by moisturizing as a safeguard to the increasing winds and picking the perfect matte lipstick shade in the right red for your coloring. Remember: we donapostrophet want to stop traffic literally, ladies, just figuratively!

Using a small to medium brush and the perfect shadows you can create a softer “smoky eyeapostrophe that doesnapostrophet have a fashion-challenged raccoon look. Line your upper lids with a soft medium brown or charcoal-black shade or a very slim liquid line using a lining brush and sweep on some brown-black mascara. Now add a quick touch of shimmery blush in a soft spicy hue and go jump in the leaves! Need help finding the right shades or need help finding that particular item? Donapostrophet worry...put me on speed dial (303) 945-6970 or tap and link! Hereapostrophes looking at a gorgeous you, kid!

Copyright © 2007 Rebeca A. Peterson for All Rights Reserved.

Rebeca A. Peterson has worked in film, fashion, television and stage for the last fifteen years. Clients include American Film Institute, Junior Achievement, Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Saturn, Macyapostrophes, Honda and others. She enjoys working fashion shows and helping individuals reach their potential through image services. She lives in the Denver area, speaks fluent Spanish and loves her chocolate.