Thursday, April 22 2021

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Dana Lynch's e-Style Tip of the Week: Color You Confident
by Dana Lynch

Of all of the elements of design, color is the most obvious, powerful, stimulating, and demanding. Color tends to be noticed first and remembered longest.

What does this mean to you? You can define yourself and communicate strong non-verbal messages with the colors you wear. You can use color tobring out your personality, change how you feel, and manage how you are perceived.

Below youapostrophell find your favorite colors with the psychological and symbolic meaning of each, so you can start using color to your advantage today!

Red: Red is the color of love! Research shows that red raises the pulse rate faster than any other color. As women, weapostropheve been taught that men like us best in black. Itapostrophes not true. Men like red, the color of love!

People wearing pure red are perceived to be confident, assertive, daring, strong, aggressive and passionate.

Purple: my favorite color! Purple is the color of royalty, and at one time, only royalty was allowed to wear it! Purple is associated with mysticism, uniqueness, sensitivity, and artistry. It stands forluxury, wealth and sophistication.

People wearingpurple are perceived to be creative and confident. Itapostrophes a smart color to wear for a presentation where you want to appear creative, but a conservative group might see you as too artsy and not credible.

Blue: Blue is the favorite color of many, being associated with the sky and water.

Lighter shades of blue are calming and soothing. Navy suggests power and authority, hence the navy blue power suit. Royal blue shows trustworthiness.

Green: Green is associated with nature and is seen as pure, natural, and tranquil. Traditionally, pure green as seen on the color wheel, isnapostrophet seen as appropriate for business. Better hues to choose are olive, hunter green, teal, and sage. Dark green such as forest green or hunter green are associated with affluence.