Thursday, April 22 2021

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Flattering Tops for Pink-tober!
by Dana Lynch

I typically wear V-neck tops to help flatter my large chest. I’ve done a little shopping this fall and have mostly found turtlenecks and gathered neck tops. I’m not crazy about the way they look on me. Can you suggest some other top and blouse styles that will flatter my large bustline?

Sincerely, V. Neckless

Dear V. Neckless,

You’re right, the fashion industry has decided it’s time for new necklines, and they’re not flattering for everyone. To answer your question and to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’d like to offer tips for flattering large or small bustlines. I encourage you to read both sections…You’ll learn what to wear and what not to wear!

The very first piece of advice I offer everyone is to make sure you’re wearing the right size bra in a style that’s best for your body type. A good bra that fits helps you feel better and makes your clothes fit better. If you haven’t been fitted recently—or ever—be sure to have a professional bra fitting right away! I recommend the lingerie departments at Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and of course, SOL in Cherry Creek North.

As I mentioned, the fashion industry doesn’t always recognize what women really need, but don’t give up. It will take a little more time this season, but the following are styles to look for to -

Flatter a Large Bust:

-Wrap style tops are made for you! They create the deep V that you’re looking for, and they’ll fit you like a dream. If the V is too low or the top won’t stay in place, try fashion tape, sewing a small snap or wearing a camisole underneath.
-The new longer length cardigans shift attention away from your chest. Choose lighter weight wools without a lot of details at the shoulder and bustline.
-Look for 3 button jackets to “lock and load.apostrophe
- Although you’ll be most flattered by showing some skin near your face, you can wear turtlenecks, layering them under deep v-neck sweaters, cardigans, and jackets.

Flatter a Small Bust:

-This season’s gathered neck blouses and tops are made for you! They help add width and fullness to your chest and are professional to boot.
-If you’re a girly girl and like ruffles or bows, now is your time. Any kind of ruffle or large bow at the neck or front of a blouse will add volume.
-Ruching, a.k.a. gathers at the center of the bustline, is a great solution if you prefer more tailored clothing.
-Avoid wearing tight, flat knit sweaters and turtlenecks by themselves. Layering with textured sweaters will give you the volume and interest you’re seeking.

Whether you want to emphasize or de-emphasize your bustline, following these tips will help you achieve a beautiful, balanced, professional silhouette! And if you want to honor yourself and women everywhere during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, be sure to join or support the Race for the Cure on Sunday, October 5, 2008!

About the author:

Dana Lynch is the owner of Elements of Image, an image and wardrobe consulting firm specializing in taking the stress out of getting dressed and teaching professional women how they can use the power of image to gain an edge in the workplace. Visit for more information and to subscribe to Dana’s e-Style Tip of the Month or contact Dana at 303-463-4839.