Friday, April 16 2021

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Lips Sealed With Flavors Say Something About Personality
by Leilani Sweeney

The lip balm flavor you like also reveals what youapostrophere like, according to research commissioned by Blistex(R) and conducted by Alan Hirsch, M.D., director and founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago. Whether youapostrophere a lip balm buff or simply seek moisture, the flavor you pack in your purse or pocket offers some insight on your personality.

Blistex research found that people are extremely passionate and particular about the flavor of their lip balm. So, Blistex tapped into the authority on smell and taste -- Dr. Hirsch -- to discover the driving forces behind these strong opinions. Dr. Hirsch examined not only how taste and smell of lip balm plays into characteristics, but also how they impact mood and romantic capability.

"Flavors are extremely powerful indicators and influencers," said Dr. Hirsch. "The idea of apostrophetasteapostrophe goes beyond what touches the tongue, but also speaks directly to personality. Peopleapostrophes taste, whether clothing or fruit flavors, provide some insight to the soul."

Want to know what your favorite lip balm flavor says about you or which flavor can add a little pep to your step? Dr. Hirschapostrophes flavor personality profiles provide the answers and even recommend the best flavor for love.

Tropical: You prefer to stand out from rather than follow the crowd. Tropical fruit flavored lovers are nonconformist and love to march to their own beat. The flavor of pineapple has been shown to stimulate the lingual nerve making you feel more awake and alert. For more energy, skip the coffee and apply Blistex Fruit Smoothies Triple Tropical.

Love Compatibility: Melon

Strawberry and Banana: Youapostrophere the first person that friends call to help with a move or get them out of a sticky situation. If you gravitate toward strawberry and banana flavors, you are thoughtful, logical, loyal, reserved and a team player. Its flavor combination has even been found to increase exercise endurance and reduce an appetite. So, boost workouts with a little Blistex Fruit Smoothies Strawberry Banana.

Love Compatibility: Universal compatibility

Berry: Your talk is known to inspire others and even get you out of awkward situations. Those who prefer berry flavors are charming, self-confident, driven and natural leaders. Exercise gurus know that berry flavors are known to enhance exercise strength. Thinking about tacking on additional reps to your weight lifting routine? Maybe Blistex Fruit Smoothies Berry Explosion can help.

Love Compatibility: Tropical

Melon: You donapostrophet just go to the party, you are the party. Melon lovers are lively, dramatic and enthusiastically flirtatious. At the same time the flavor of melon can even help facilitate relaxation. So, if you are looking to wind down after all the celebrating, try applying Blistex Fruit Smoothies Melon Medley.

Love Compatibility: Tropical

Raspberry: You believe that all goals are set to be met. Raspberry lovers are success-oriented, intelligent and comfortable. After a tiring day, apply Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast; the central raspberry flavor with a hint of citrus makes you feel more refreshed.

Love Compatibility: Raspberry

Cherry: Your shoulders are what friends seek in times of need. Cherry lovers are orderly and conscientious. The flavor of cherry has been known to enhance your learning skills. So, make sure you apply Blistex Lip Infusion Cherry Splash before you hit the books.

About Blistex Fruit Smoothies(R)

Blistex Fruit Smoothies contain moisturizers, natural fruit extracts, and vitamins A, B5 and C that all combine to hydrate and protect lips. Each package contains three separate lip balms, each with a different creamy flavor blend. For a limited time, look for a bonus pack of Fruit Smoothies that contains a fourth stick free. Fruit Smoothies contains dermatologist recommended SPF 15 for ultimate lip protection.

Blistex products are available at food, drug and mass merchandisers nationwide.

About Blistex

The Lip Care Specialists at Blistex offer a full line of superbly crafted lip care products -- with highly effective formulas, unique added benefits and unparalleled sensory experiences -- to address a broad spectrum of lip needs for men and women. To Discover What Your Lips Are Missing(R) or for additional information about Blistex products and important lip care tips, visit