Friday, April 16 2021

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10 Tips for Updating Your Spring Style
Dana Lynch

Spring is finally here! Although after living in Denver for 30 years, I know there’s always the chance of another snow storm or two, but I’d say it’s finally safe to switch out your closets from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. If you’re chomping at the bit to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, I’ve scoured the stores and magazines to come up with my Top 10 Fashion Picks for spring.

A lot of women shy away from the word “trendapostrophe, but please note, adding a few trends to your wardrobe does not make you trendy. I’ve analyzed these trends for longevity, and actually you can feel at ease in knowing that most of the trends I’m listing first made their way onto the runways in previous seasons and have returned this spring updated and stronger than ever. Also, I’ve added tips on wearing these trends professionally.

1. Metallics-

Metallics such as silver, gold, copper and bronze have been popular in jewelry, handbags and shoes for a few years, but now the trend has been translated into both daywear and eveningwear garments. If you work in a very conservative field, a pair of classic shoes or a handbag in a metallic tone may be all it takes to instantly update your look. Or perhaps you only want to make your entrance and exit for the day in metallics. Try a silver trench coat or a bronze leather jacket. If you work in more of a creative environment, you might want to try a metallic skirt, such as silver one topped with a black or white jacket.

2. White-

Traditionally white has been a big “no-noapostrophe for professional dress, but for spring and summer 2007, it can provide a cool, chic alternative to your other neutral colors. Popular belief is that white can add pounds, but when you wear it head to toe, it can be slimming especially when it’s a firmer fabric such as linen or cotton sateen. An additional strategy for wearing all white is to vary your textures. Consider a pair of white cotton sateen slacks paired with a white silk sweater topped with a tailored white leather or patent leather jacket.

3. Patent Leather-

Again, for years, patent leather was considered dressy for evening or for little girls’ shoes. Now, it’s perfectly acceptable for day or night, depending on the style. The newest way to wear patent leather is in bright colors. Other than the previously mentioned patent leather jacket, the material is generally found in purses and shoes. Almost every client I’ve ever worked with has a black suit in her closet, (me included.) I get a little bored with my black suit, but adding a pair of red patent leather heels and a coordinating bag suddenly makes it feel new. And be assured, you can wear those same accessories with dressy jeans or capris on the weekend!

4. High Heels/Low Heels-

If you’re a shoe lover, this is definitely your year. Styles include platforms, ballet flats, low heeled wedges, and all heel heights of peep toe pumps and sling backs. I like to encourage my clients to try new heel height. (And it’s not necessary to go sky high.) It’s not only good for your feet and legs to vary shoe styles, but it’s a great excuse to buy new shoes!

5. Dresses-

As with many of the other fashions mentioned, dresses were non-existent in the stores and our closets for years. Lucky for us, they’re back! What could be easier than a dress…it’s only one piece to put on in the morning. A tailored shirt dress is a fresh, easy alternative to a skirt and jacket for all but the most conservative settings. Of course, wrap or faux wrap dresses are supremely comfortable. Lastly, dresses are pulling double duty. If you work in a casual workplace, a mini-dress can be worn as a tunic over jeans or skinny pants for day. For night it can be worn on its own or over dressy pants with dressier jewelry and either flats or heels.

6. Jackets-

A perennial favorite for professional dress, there is a plethora of new jacket styles to choose from this season. From boxy, double breasted styles to softer, feminine styles with a variety of sleeve treatments, there’s something for everyone. A lot of these jackets have that 60’s, Jackie Kennedy feel to them…a little different, a lot of fun. Note: these jackets are separates, (i.e. not part of a suit,) and are best worn with everything from lean pants/jeans to full skirts to sheath dresses. And if classic is more your style, don’t worry, classic jackets are around…simply update them with blouses and accessories.

7. Feminine blouses-

If you’re a girly girl, or a lover of all things feminine, you’re in luck! There is a profusion of blouses with feminine flourishes made from luscious silks and the softest cottons. The most modern way to wear these blouses is with pants versus a skirt. Depending on the fabric, detailing and your occasion, they can be worn with or without a jacket.

8. Menswear-

Okay, what we’re really talking about here is pantsuits. What’s new is that in addition to traditional cuts, we’re also seeing wide legged trousers for the retro look and also skinny pants with jackets. Many women cringe at the thought of skinny pants, but please know there are variations of the skinny pant. They don’t have to look as though they’ve been spray painted on! Also, they provide a nice balancing solution for the woman who is larger on the top and narrow on the bottom. Lastly, the pantsuit is an ultimate look changer. No matter what style of pantsuit you prefer, simply change out of your daytime shell into a feminine camisole, add glittery jewelry, and you’re ready for an evening out.

9. Black and White Graphic Prints-

Another perennial favorite, the newest way to wear this color combination is in graphic prints. When you’re choosing a print, be sure to match the scale of the print to your body. If you’re petite, a large print will most likely overwhelm you. Consider a skirt in a bold black and white floral print or a black and white printed trench coat.

10. Headbands/Scarves-

Headbands this spring are quite wide and are often being worn right at the hairline. Many are covered with satin making it a more sophisticated look than the preppy headbands we###re used to. An additional style consists of two thin bands with the hair showing in the middle for a bit of a dressier look. Scarves are also being worn as headbands. Just let the ends hang down your back! Both headbands and scarves are a chic casual/business casual look that works with a variety of hairstyles, plus they can really save you on a bad hair day!

Truly, these are just a few of the new spring fashions available at the local stores. No matter what your personal style is, I encourage you to really take a look in your closets, determine what you need, then go out and buy yourself something new to celebrate spring!

Dana Lynch is the owner of Elements of Image, an image consulting firm specializing in teaching professional women how they can use the power of image to gain an edge in the workplace and achieve their goals. Dana works with individuals and corporate groups. For more information, contact Dana at 303-463-4839 or visit