Thursday, April 22 2021

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Pretty Hands and Feet
Wendy Gough

Many women are meticulous with their hair and makeup, but end up neglecting their nails. Hands say so much about a person, making proper care a true necessity. With just a few minutes of maintenance every day, your hands will always be smooth and soft.

* Exfoliate and moisturize your hands every day. There are many effective hand creams on the market. Look for one that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Sally Hansen makes a wonderful, inexpensive cuticle softener and exfoliator. Apply and massage into cuticles and nails both morning and night. * Dragon lady nails are out! Opt for shorter, rounded nails. * File nails straight across, gently rounding the sides. * Apply clear or nude colored polish for a neat, well kept look. * To whiten nails, a little household bleach works beautifully. However, don###t use this trick too often as it can weaken the nails. KEEP YOUR TOES TERRIFIC, WITH THESE IDEAS * Use a pumice on your feet every day while in the shower. Moisturize immediately after showering to keep your feet smooth and soft. * For tired, aching feet, fill a basin with a few drops of peppermint oil, a few drops of rosemary, and a teaspoon of almond oil. Soak for 10-15 minutes, pat dry and massage with your favorite lotion. Invigorating! * Use the same hydrating facial masks on your hands and feet that you would your face. By giving your hands and feet the attention they need, you###ll be ready for all the skin baring summer styles! Wendy Gough is the founder of, one of the most long lasting and popular beauty websites on the internet. The website was founded in 1998 by Wendy, wanting to reach people with her message of "beauty beginning from the inside." Wendy and the "Beauty&Soul" website have been featured in an Eckerd Drugs national television advertising campaign, which ran in 12 major markets during prime time for a year. The site has also received abundant positive reviews and awards garnered by internet entities such as GO Network, Virgin Net, and Microsoft###s "Mining Company". In addition to her newsletter, Wendy has been a regular columnist for such publications as the Family Network and, as well as a contributor to Magical Blend magazine. As a former international model, Wendy lived in Europe, appearing in numerous magazines and catalogs while also learning to speak French. Wendy holds a Bachelor###s degree in psychology and has taught children with learning disabilities at the elementary level. Currently Wendy is available as guest speaker teaching development of inner beauty and self esteem as the best natural method to looking and feeling your best. Wendy is the author of Beauty & Soul: Your Guide to Inner and Outer Beauty. An exercise video and interactive "make-over" CD are planned for future release.