Tuesday, April 20 2021

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Shopping for Clothes: Before You Buy Quality Checks
Yolanda Keil

You###re shopping and happen on the perfect top. The color is right and the style is just what you needed. The price is even very do-able. How can you tell if it###s worth the money?

Here are some tricks of the trade to check for quality: Make sure the seams don###t pucker, especially where sleeves meet the shoulder Check for loose threads The patterns should match at the seams The lining should hang well The teeth on zippers should not show The buttons should be attached well Make sure color is good. Check for spots and uneven die marks Below are professional checks to ensure a piece fits well: Normal sleeves should just cover the wrist Nothing should cling nor gap The "wiggle room" (two fingers) in the waistband Pleats or vents should lie flat without spreading Make sure the pant###s crotch length is comfortable The pant###s hemline touches top of shoe Check for "pinch room" at the hip (skirt -1", pants - 2-3") Shopping tips for shoes: Shop for shoes at the end of the day, when your feet are swollen and sensitive Stand on your toes, then your heels and wiggle your toes, then walk around a bit to make sure you can move in the shoes Make sure there is no visible glue A leather lining is preferred Make sure the side seams don###t gap when you gently tug or bend the shoe The goal is to make sure you purchase something you###ll look great in and can###t wait to wear. Yolanda Keil is an image consultant and confessed shopaholic. She produces two style news blogs and recently finished her eBook, The New York Fashion Insider###s Shopping Secret: Sample Sales. This guide includes the most comprehensive review of sample sale resources, plus insider tips on navigating the sales and getting the most bang for your buck: http://www.polished-images.com/book.html