Wednesday, April 21 2021

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Polishing It Off
by Francis Johnson

When we talk and think about fashion (which is probably more often than not, right girls?), we are usually talking and thinking about clothes, but there is so much more to looking and feeling great.

For instance, how many of you work at a computer and spend all day looking down at your chipped, jagged, unpolished nails? (I do! I do!) A flattering nail shape and the latest, greatest shade on those fingertips is a quick, feminine and inexpensive way to finish off an outfit and keep up with the trends of the season, without worrying about how to keep up with your credit card payments.

Nail polish trends change just like shoes, belts and dresses, so keep reading to find out what should be on your fingers and toes this fall.

Just Plum-my
Purple is one of this seasonapostrophes most popular colors for clothing, and nails are no different. Save your bright purples and lavenders for next spring, and instead try a deeper shade like plum, aborigine or violet. Pair your dramatic nails with a classic black dress, or use them to help transition some of your summer favorites into fall.

More chocolate, please!
A few seasons past saw fashionistas from Hollywood to Houston to Hartford sporting edgy black nails. This year, put a twist on that trend with chocolate brown nails instead. Brown nails have a more classic look, and the earth tone is a great way to get into the fall spirit. For brown polish, rounded square nails that extend just past the finger, and a flirty fall frock, are best.

Heavy Metal
Another big trend this autumn is metallic. Metallic can be broken into three shade families: champagne and bronze; pewter; and silver. You can never go wrong with the gold standard, but weapostropheve all been there and seen that. Switch up your finger-game with a gutsy copper instead. Warm and darker skin tones should stick to champagne & bronze shades, while cooler skin tones are more suited to silver. And anyone can paint on a little pewter since it is a mix of copper and tin. Metallic shades are particularly good for those of us who have trouble maintaining a manicure, because they adhere to nails better than their shimmer less counterparts. Use some precious metals (on your nails, that is) to complement a shiny party dress or vampy cocktail dress.

Going Grey
You might not want it in your hair, but grey was a major trend on this fallapostrophes runways, and itapostrophes made its way to nails as well. You can go anywhere from a soft grey to a bold gunmetal, and grey polish with a metallic twist is a great way to combine two trends into one. Short, well-manicured nails painted a soft grey are a perfect backdrop for a boldly patterned dress, or the perfect complement to a simply sophisticated dress as well.

About the author:

Shabby Apple LLC is an American online dress boutique. Shabby Apple simplifies the dressing process for women. The company focuses on helping women dress for their body shape by providing detailed information on the styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter various body types. Shabby Apple also suggests different accessories for a single dress to create looks appropriate for various occasions. The dress designs are inspired by indie-prep professionals and hipster moms.

The company designs a Shabby Baby line of dresses for girls 0-6 months to size 12.

Shabby Apple launches four lines of dresses a year and is a women-owned and operated, socially responsible company. They have partnered with Unitus, a non-profit organization in the micro finance industry, to help alleviate global poverty for millions of women and their families.

Visit Shabby Apple online at