Thursday, April 22 2021

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Dressing for Your Body Type
by Emily McCormick

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress; but not every woman looks like a runway model. Whether you have short legs, curvy hips, a straight waist, a flat chest or whatever your body type may be, the guidelines below can help you determine what your body type is and how to find the most flattering, stylish clothing for your body.

The “hourglassapostrophe body type: beautifully curvy. You have broad shoulders and/or a voluptuous chest, a smaller waist and gorgeous full hips.
Style icon: Marilyn Monroe
Style tips: Look for pieces that accentuate your curves and have a fitted waist. Fitted clothing, strait skirts and belted waists are best for you.

The “appleapostrophe body type: lovely limbs. You have thinner legs and arms, accompanied by fullness through the ribs and stomach.
Style icon: Catherine Zeta-Jones
Style tips: Look for clothing that accentuates your legs and arms. Loose-fitting waists, empire waists, short sleeves and knee-length skirts are best for you.

The “pearapostrophe body type: wonderous waist. You have a thin waist, narrow ribs and shoulders, with full, womanly hips.
Style icon: Beyonce
Style tips: Look for clothing with wide collars and details around the bust to balance your lower body. A-line skirts, flared skirts, fitted waists and belts worn at waistline are best for you.

The “pencilapostrophe body type: wonderfully willowy. You are thin, with a straight waist and narrow shoulders and hips.
Style icon: Audrey Hepburn
Style tips: Look for clothing with detail at the bust and hips. Puff sleeves, full skirts, ruching at hips and belts at waist give the appearance of a curvier figure.

The “womanlyapostrophe body type: ultra feminine. You have a fullness through your core, arms and legs.
Style icon: Queen Latifah
Style tips: Look for clothing that draws attention to your face and elongates your silhouette. Vertical stripes, collars and details at the neck, dark colors, flared skirts and well-fitted clothing are best for you.

The “athleticapostrophe body type: fantastically fit. You have broad shoulders, muscular legs and arms, and a flat stomach.
Style icon: Venus Williams
Style tips: Look for fitted clothing and clothing that drapes well over muscular figures. Fabrics with stretch, knee length skirts and feminine details like puff sleeves and ruffles are best for you.

Being ‘short’ or ‘tall’ doesn’t determine your body type (e.g. you could be short and “curvyapostrophe or tall and “pearapostrophe) but you should approach your wardrobe differently. Here are a few tips in how to dress for your height.

If you are “short,apostrophe you are: perfectly petite. You are smaller than the average woman.
Style icon: Natalie Wood
Style tips: Look for clothing that lengthens your silhouette. Vertical stripes, solid colors, fitted clothing and empire waists are best for you.

If you are “tall,apostrophe you are: superbly statuesque. You are taller than the average woman.
Style icon: Katherine Hepburn
Style tips: Look for clothing with belts or ties at the waist to break up silhouette. Your height is complimented with patterns and feminine details such as ruffles and sashes.

About the author:

After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make the owners feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top or cardigan) owners Emily McCormick and Athelia Woolley decided to do something about it.

Shabby Apple LLC is an American online dress boutique. Shabby Apple simplifies the dressing process for women. The company focuses on helping women dress for their body shape by providing detailed information on the styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter various body types. Shabby Apple also suggests different accessories for a single dress to create looks appropriate for various occasions. The dress designs are inspired by indie-prep professionals and hipster moms.

The company designs a Shabby Baby line of dresses for girls 0-6 months to size 12.

Shabby Apple launches four lines of dresses a year and is a women-owned and operated, socially responsible company. They have partnered with Unitus, a non-profit organization in the micro finance industry, to help alleviate global poverty for millions of women and their families.

Visit Shabby Apple online at