Thursday, April 22 2021

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The 3 Minute Makeup
Davida Simon

You###re late! The kids spilled their cereal and the time you would have used to put your makeup on was spent on clean up! You###ve spent way too much time surfing the Internet and have to run errands, but you###re still in pj’s! Sometimes we just don###t have the time to pull it all together but we still want to look presentable. So, what’s a girl to do? Here###s how you can apply just a few cosmetics and feel fine running into someone you know!

First of all do take the time to wash off the rest of last night’s mascara remnants. Now with a clean face, massage in some moisturizer with at least SPF 15 sunscreen. Your skin will look dewy and less tired. Concealer is your best friend. But be sure you have one that is specifically for the under eye area. They are being made much better these days with lots of ingredients to smooth those pesky lines and cover better without looking dry. Add a little concealer to the area right at the corner of the eye by the side of your nose. If there is a puffy area, stay clear of that and just pat the concealer into the circle under the eye. Dab a little around the corners of the mouth, the sides of the nostrils where we tend to be a little red and any blemish that needs some covering. Use one of the multiple sticks for cheeks, lips and eyes in a blush shade that gives the impression of healthy young skin. (Usually a shade of wine that simulates a flushed look.) Using your finger or a brush, dab it on the apples of the cheeks, the eyelid blending up to the brow bone and the inside of the lips. Mascara is an option, but your eyes will look better if you apply one coat to the top lashes. Use waterproof mascara if you tend to tear. Most eye makeup removers will take it off easily and there will be less chance of it smudging or flaking during the day. If you have long hair, apply some gel and brush your hair up gathering it at the back with a clip or pretty barrette. Short hair can be gelled, moused and tussled. Match up a pair of jeans with a great top or jacket and you are set to go. OK, take a look in the mirror. You###ve done it! With just these few steps, you are out the door and ready to bump into someone you know. Makeup Artist Davida Simon has worked in film, television, and photography for almost 20 years on such faces as Demi Moore, René Russo, and Susan Lucci. Davida currently resides in Denver and is consultant to Channel 4 news team. Visit her web site at for makeup and skin care product reviews, how-to articles, advice and tips.