Tuesday, April 20 2021

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Top 3 Myths About Dressing The Mother Of The Bride
by Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler (The Glam Gals)

If youapostrophere the mother of the bride or groom youapostropheve probably been bombarded with advice from friends, family and "experts" about what you should wear for your important role on the on the big day. Donapostrophet believe everything you hear! Misconceptions, about how a mom is supposed to dress on their childapostrophes wedding day abound! Here are The Top 3 Myths about dressing the Mother of the Bride and why you should ignore them:

MYTH # 1 - I Shouldnapostrophet Wear Black

False - Years ago if you wore black to a wedding, everyone automatically assumed it was a sign of rebellion, and that you wanted everyone to know you disapproved of the match. While some older, more traditional types may still cling to this belief, most people are over it. Black is elegant and chic, not to mention slimming, and with so many attractive and classy black dresses out there, itapostrophes silly to dismiss an otherwise flattering dress based on color alone. If black suits you, it can be a good option for a mother of the bride gown. Just be make sure it suits the formality of the wedding. (Itapostrophes nice for a semi formal wedding and perfect for a formal function, but too heavy and serious for a casual wedding.) Also, most importantly, make sure the bride agrees that black is O.K. before taking this route! Itapostrophes her day and she has the final word.

MYTH # 2 - I Have to Match the Bridesmaids

False - Some mothers of the bride take color co-coordinating to extremes and end up looking like one of the bridesmaids. As Mother of the Bride or Groom, you have a special place in the wedding party, apart from the bridesmaids, so make sure your dress highlights this fact. There are many ways to coordinate with a bridal party without matching them exactly. Try wearing the opposite color that the bridesmaids are wearing (if they wear green, you wear yellow) or try wearing a mother of the bride gown in a similar shade but with a pattern (If the bridesmaids wear pink, you wear a pink and white flowered Mother of the Bride dress). This way youapostrophell blend in with the bridesmaid, instead of look too matchy-matchy.

MYTH # 3 - I Must Lose Weight before I start to Shop for my Dress

False - This is probably the biggest mistake made by Mother of the Brides. Giving yourself a deadline for getting slim is great, but what if it doesnapostrophet happen? Since many mother of the bride gowns are not available off-the-rack, you need to give yourself plenty of time to order, customize and alter your dress. You donapostrophet want to end up rushing out a week before the wedding desperately trying to find anything that will work. Therefore, shop for the body you have right now. And if you do lose weight and the dress no longer fits you a month before the wedding, pat yourself on the back, and go get alterations!

(c) 2009, Boland-Tyler Productions. All rights reserved.

About the authors:

Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler (The Glam Gals) are Image and Style Experts specializing in helping women 40 plus look and feel fabulous. They are the authors of the book, The Glam Plan ~ 12 Simple Steps to Take You from Frumpy to Fabulous, as well as coaches for their Tweak Your Chicâ„¢, Image make-over program. To learn more tips about choosing your mother of the bride (or groom) dress visit http://www.fabulousafter40.com/ebooks/mother-of-the-bride/, sign up for their bi-weekly newsletter and visit http://www.fabulousafter40.com/shop/100-style-links-women-will-love/ to see 100 Style Links Women Will Love.