Wednesday, April 21 2021

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5 Ways To Be A Stylish Mother Of The Bride
by Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler (The Glam Gals)

Weddings have gone from cookie cutter formal events to highly personalized, one of a kind celebrations. It seems like anything goes, from feather boas to chocolate fountains, from barefoot beach parties to marrying on mountaintops. Forget the white rose centerpieces and vanilla cake. Brides are getting creative and have the resources to design theme weddings based on whatever they can dream up.

As wedding ceremonies and receptions become more highly personalized, doesnapostrophet it make sense that your Mother of the Bride gown should be more personalized too?

Why not make it a true reflection of you? Let your personality shine through with these 5 ways to be a Stylish Mother of the Bride:

1) Find a Signature piece of Jewelry

A great way to put your own personal stamp on your mother of the bride gown is to add a little glam with jewelry. If you have a favorite piece, or an antique with some family heritage, make that a focal point of your outfit. Unique jewelry will add glamour and meaning to what youapostrophere wearing. Note: We said ONE piece! Donapostrophet "guild the lily" by layering on the accessories! Youapostrophell detract from your dress, and your natural beauty!

2) Add Pattern and Texture

A big trend in mother of the bride gowns is to use pattern somewhere in the outfit. For an informal wedding, a mother of the bride could wear a linen skirt suit with a patterned scarf. Trés chic! For a more formal affair, you could try a wearing a vintage lace shawl over your mother of the bride gown. This will add some depth and interest to your outfit, and cover up your arms at the ceremony in a fashionable way!

3) Focus on your feet

What mother of the bride gown is complete without a fabulous pair of shoes? We canapostrophet overemphasize the importance of comfort when youapostrophell be on your feet all day and dancing all night. However, comfy can be stylish. Choose a shoe that inspires you that you feel stylish in, and that feels good on your feet. Heels are always preferable to flats for style and sophistication, and avoid heavy clunky shoes no matter how "in" they are. A safe bet is always a neutral shoe or a metallic. Stay away from white or black Mother of the Bride shoes as they look too heavy. The one exception to that rule is wearing black shoes with a black dress.

4) Wear Make-up

This seems obvious, but there are many women who normally donapostrophet wear make-up, even on their childapostrophes wedding day. The result: They end up looking washed out in photos. To look like a stylish Mother of the Bride you really do need some make-up so youapostrophell shine those photos. Hire a professional if you are uncomfortable applying make-up yourself and test drive your look a couple of times prior to the wedding so you donapostrophet feel artificial on the big day. A professional make-up artist knows how to walk the fine line between overdone and underdone.

5) Choose an Interesting Purse

Another great way to express who you are via your handbag. Choose something that says you, but still suits the formality of the affair. Instead of matching your purse to your shoes, have them blend instead. This could mean choosing a bag with the same tone beads as the metallic on your shoe, or carrying one with a coordinating print. Even if your outfit is a neutral shade, you can really pop it with a brightly colored clutch! Just keep in mind formality - the smaller and glitzier the bag, the more formal it will appear.

Follow these tips for Looking like a stylish Mother of the Bride and youapostrophell wow your family and friends. Donapostrophet be surprised if you overhear them say "Oooh, I love her outfit. Itapostrophes just so her!"

(c) 2009, Boland-Tyler Productions. All rights reserved.

About the authors:

Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler (The Glam Gals) are Image and Style Experts specializing in helping women 40 plus look and feel fabulous. They are the authors of the book, The Glam Plan~ 12 Simple Steps to Take You from Frumpy to Fabulous, as well as coaches for their Tweak Your Chic™, Image make-over program. To learn more tips about choosing your mother of the bride (or groom) dress visit, sign up for their bi-weekly newsletter and visit to see 100 Style Links Women Will Love.