Friday, April 16 2021

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What to Wear in Tricky Situations
by Johnie Gall

You know how the saying goes: a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? That can feel even truer when you are faced with dressing for tricky occasions. If you’ve ever worn flip-flops to a concert, your toes will know what I mean.

So whether it’s meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time or arriving the court house for jury duty, these tips for finding the perfect outfit will have you looking chic in any situation.

A Concert

You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in during a concert. You might be shoved around and trampled on by a bunch of moshers, or you could be seated high above the stage on a bench.

Wear a pair of comfortable shoes. You DO NOT want to be standing in the stage pit with three inch heels on. Make sure your shoes have closed toes.

  • Dress for the weather. You will be faced with long lines, especially at music festivals, which are typically outdoors.
  • Don’t bring a purse. A small clutch or your pockets will do just fine. The less you can bring into a show, the better.
  • Jeans, flats and a tank top are your best bet. Concerts get hot, sweaty, and loud, and the more comfortable you are the better.

Jury Duty

Having to get out of bed before the sun is up can put a serious damper on our social lives, but serving on a jury is our civic duty and one we should be proud to fulfill. However, helping out the government doesn’t mean dressing drab.

  • Don’t wear anything with offensive slogans or political statements. It’s just not the time, and it can get you kicked off the jury, which is expensive and annoying for everyone involved.
  • Khakis aren’t exactly high fashion these days. Spice it up but keep it respectful with black pants, dark skinny jeans, or a high-waisted skirt, a button up with ruffled trim, simple jewelry, and some nice flats.
  • Bringing a smaller bag that can be easily searched will help get you through security quickly.

Meeting the Parents

Meeting your long-term boyfriend’s parents is nerve-racking enough, so make sure you won’t be worrying about your outfit choice the whole time.

  • Depending on the weather, a nice sundress is a great “go-toapostrophe outfit. Make sure the hem doesn’t hit too high above the knee. The dress should have straps, and should fit well but not too tightly.
  • It’s best to dress more conservatively than you normally do. You want to make a good impression. But don’t over do it: dark-wash denim, a flowy top, and a cardigan looks great on everyone. A unique piece of jewelry can even get the conversation flowing with his mom!

A Wedding

Today is the bride’s day, not yours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing (especially when there might be a cute groomsman at the reception).

  • Most weddings are formal affairs, but black is frowned upon. Though it is debatable, a little black dress can be appropriate for such a celebration, if you dress it up right. Wear colorful jewelry or hold a bright clutch.
  • Typically, a semi-formal dress, low heels and a thin necklace are all you need.
  • If the ceremony takes place at a church, throw on a cardigan to keep it respectful.

A Funeral

Funerals are a sad time in the lives of most attending them. Fashion isn’t always in the fore-front of everyone’s minds, but making a wrong style choice can be disrespectful.

  • Black is the socially accepted color of choice. It represents mourning. Avoid showing too much skin, but don’t wear head-to-toe black; a funeral is also a celebration of life.
  • Don’t wear a lot of makeup, and make sure your hair is pulled back and clean.
  • Black flats or short heels are a good choice for footwear.

A Long Road-Trip

If you’ve ever been on a road-trip longer than three hours, you know how important wardrobe choices are. You want to be comfortable, but you never know when you might see a roadside attraction you’ll want to explore.

  • Jeans tend to get uncomfortable and wrinkled when sitting in the car for prolonged periods of time. Yoga pants or a pair of loose-fitting linen pants that don’t wrinkle are better.
  • Layering is crucial. Wear a nice tank top or t-shirt, a button up cardigan and a fleece jacket. It gets hot in the car, but you’ll be glad you brought all that when you have to run to the gas station bathroom at two in the morning.
  • A pair of cute sneakers, like Converses, or a sturdy pair of flats are great for road-trips. They pop off easily for sleeping, and slip on fast when you arrive at your destination. Ugg-style boots might be comfortable, but they usually look sloppy.
  • A good hat. Many girls hate the way they look in baseball hats, but it will help disguise greasy hair and comes in handy against the sun filtering in those car windows. If you don’t have one, a thick headband can also work.

The most important part of dressing for these situations is remembering why you’re there. Even if how you are dressed is different than everyone else there, it doesn’t really matter. Let your personality shine through and people won’t care what you have on.

About the author:

Johnie Emma Gall is a junior majoring in journalism at Penn State University. She loves fashion and photography, but is above all a true beach bum.

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