Thursday, April 22 2021

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How To Avoid Irritation When Shaving Your Bikini Line
by Bonnie Jo Davis

Threading, waxing, plucking, laser, depilatories, electrolysis and shaving... ouch! So many types of hair removal and so little time to decide which one will work for you. The least expensive and least painful choice will always be shaving but you might be worried about the potential side effects especially in your delicate pubic area. Here are some of the potential problems you may encounter while shaving your bikini line and how to avoid them:

1. Razor burn is the skin irritation often caused by a blunt razor or incorrect shaving techniques. It is usually presents as a rash that shows up a day or two after shaving.

2. Ingrown hairs, also known as razor bumps, are red raised bumps on the skin where the hair has curled back into the skin after shaving and it is not uncommon for the bumps to become painful and inflamed.

3. Razor nicks occur when the skin being shaved is cut by the sharp blade of the razor or by pressing or scraping the razor too hard against the skin.

The best way of treating these common side affects of shaving is by preventing them. You can do this by:

* Purchasing perfume and dye free shaving products that are made for the thin skin of the pubic area.

* Taking a long soak in the tub to soften hair before shaving.

* Cleaning your razor with alcohol after shaving to kill any lingering bacteria.

* Exfoliating the pubic area after bathing but before shaving.
Exfoliate gently every day in the shower whether you shave that day or not.

* Using a clear, moisturizing shaving cream or foam so you can see where you are going and reapplying as needed while shaving.

* Using a fresh razor blade and replace it as often as needed while shaving.

* Shaving every other day for the first few weeks; then switch to daily shaving.

If prevention is not an option and you are itching or in pain then help skin heal by:

* Refraining from shaving until skin has healed.

* Cleaning the pubic skin gently with mild soap and following this with an astringent formula that contains salicylic acid.

* Applying a cream of one percent hydrocortisone or one that includes aloe vera to reduce redness, pain and irritation.

* Moisturize the area every day with a dye and perfume free formula.

* Brew chamomile tea bags, let them cool and apply to the irritated skin. Leave them on for ten minutes or more, remove and discard the tea bags and pat skin dry.

See a doctor if these steps donapostrophet work and skin is still irritated and painful after a few days. Follow your doctorapostrophes recommendations and continue to refrain from shaving until your skin has healed.

Using the right products and techniques will make bikini line shaving easier and problem free. Youapostrophell look great wearing that new lingerie or that teeny, tiny bikini you just bought for the beach.

(c) 2009, All rights reserved.

About the author:

Bonnie Jo Davis is a Virtual Assistant and prolific writer on assignment. The only products she recommends for problem free bikini line shaving come from Hair Care Down There. The products from Hair Care Down There at include exclusive formulas and their kits include instruction guides for problem free bikini line grooming.