Friday, April 16 2021

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Organizing Your Closet for Effortless Style!
by Lakeysha-Marie

A well organized closet is an excellent foundation for creating impeccable looks for any occasion. Shirts dangling from hangers, shoes cluttering the floor, and jackets bunched together in a closet are perfect if your style is desperately sifting through clothes in the morning and tossing on whatever you can find after giving it a good shake. But if its peace and solace you are after, here are a few basic tips to assist you in creating a wardrobe that will save you time, energy, and keep you looking your best.

To create the end result (a well organized closet) it’s to start from scratch, so ensure you set aside time to clear the closet of all its contents. Dust off the shelves, and vacuum the floor to clear the closet of any debris. Now its time to organize!

Did you ever notice how much time is saved when you find a blouse you love, and right next to it is a coordinating skirt? Grouping outfits together in the closet will eliminate the hassle of searching for the right garment to pair with another, particularly on mornings when time is scarce.

For example, if you have a shirt that looks great with a pair of trousers and blazer, group them together. Once the first outfit is complete, put together another outfit and so on. Any left over items should be grouped by garment type (e.g. pants, skirts) then by color for easy reference.

• Shoes should be stored on a shoe rack/hanger, or in shoes boxes that are either clear, or have a photo on the front of the box for easy identification.

• Sweaters can be folded and organized on shelves by color.

• Generally outerwear is the most bulky of items stored in the closet. These garments should be grouped together by length, then color at the end of the rail.


• All belts should be hung together for quick reference. This can be done by purchasing hooks, using nails, or securing them on a strong hanger.

• Loose items such as wraps and scarves should be placed on hangers, secured by a clamp, clothes pins, or draped from a hook.

• Hats are best stored in boxes and placed on shelves.

• All out-of-season items can easily be stored in clear, plastic under the bed storage bins. This will help to eliminate excess clutter in the closet.

• Final Touch: Place a sachet in your closet for a light fragrance that’s fresh and inviting.

Following the above steps will assist you in creating a wardrobe that’s organized and time efficient. It will also help you to visually distinguish between what you need for future purchases, and what you don’t. Try it out and see how much easier putting together great looks can be!

About the Author:
Lakeysha-Marie is a fashion stylist, a women’s fit technologist, author and columnist for women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Pink Diva Café. To learn more, visit Lakeysha-Marie’s fashion blog and personal style website **WomenOf readers will receive a free “Body Type Basics Guideapostrophe to identify your body type when you subscribe.