Friday, April 16 2021

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Style Tips For A Longer, Leaner Body-line
by Lakeysha-Marie

Ever wanted to look a little taller and leaner? Missed out on the leggy model-like frame? No problem. Here are a few simple style tricks that can be used to create a longer, leaner body-line. By learning to select the right styles when shopping, you will be able to visually elongate your torso and lengthen your leg-line.

Elongate Your Torso.
The raised waistline of Empire line tops and dresses visually create a longer body-line. Another benefit? Empire styles fit just below the bust and drape over the torso making it an ideal choice for disguising a full tummy. The torso can also be elongated by wearing tops that extend below the waist to finish at the top hip.

Well Hemmed.
Shorter hemlines visually lengthen legs and give the appearance of added height. Why? A shorter hemline brings the eye up, creating a longer vertical line. Just above the knee is a universally flattering hemline for most women.

Sky High.
Maximize your height by pairing your heels with trousers and jeans that brush the base of your toes when worn with heels. Even the lift of a low heel paired with the full length of the trouser can make legs appear miles long.

A few final words... When putting together outfits, wear the unique details on the upper body, while keeping the lower more basic. Again, this will bring the eye up, creating the illusion of added height. Remember, the secret to dressing taller is more than just wearing heels. Dressing tall is selecting the right cuts and styles that visually create a longer, leaner body-line.

About the Author:
Lakeysha-Marie is a fashion stylist, a women’s fit technologist, author and columnist for women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Pink Diva Café. To learn more, visit Lakeysha-Marie’s fashion blog and personal style website **WomenOf readers will receive a free “Body Type Basics Guideapostrophe to identify your body type when you subscribe.