Friday, April 16 2021

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The Best Colors to Refresh Your Look!
By Lakeysha-Marie

From vibrant reds, to sophisticated blues, its no surprise that color is one of the most important elements of a womanapostrophes wardrobe. Choosing the right shade can awaken tired skin, and even visually take years off our appearance. Colors have the power to impact the way we look and feel; affecting our moods and even those around us. But how do we determine which colors work best for us?

It may not be as tricky as you think. The colors we see in clothing and cosmetics fall into one of two categories: blue based colors and yellow based colors. Blue based colors look best on cool skin tones, while yellow based colors look best on warm skin tones.

What is My Skin Tone?
The best way to visually determine if your skin tone is cool or warm is to look at your skin in natural daylight against a white, neutral surface. Easiest way? Wrap a white towel around your hair and another around your body, leaving your shoulders and face exposed. When under natural daylight (i.e. the light source coming in through a window) look at the under tone of your skin in your reflection. Cool skin tones can be rosy, olive, with reddish or blue undertones, while warm skin tones are more golden or peachy.

Choosing the Right Colors
Cool skin tones look radiant in rich vibrant colors, and cool pastels. Some of your best colors include royal blue, emerald green, ruby red, silver, rich plum, frosty pinks, and aqua blues.
Warm skin tones look wonderful in warm earthy colors. Some of your best colors include bronze, coral red, olive green, soft ivory, mocha, cinnamon and rich pumpkin and gold.

Making it Work
The next time you are out shopping, check the color along with the price tag. Have a look at your reflection and ask yourself…

Does it bring out my eyes?
Does it add a warm glow to my skin?
Do I look refreshed?

And lastly, donapostrophet forget to experiment with new colors! Itapostrophes the only way to find your winning combination.

About the Author:
Lakeysha-Marie is a fashion stylist, a women’s fit technologist, author and columnist for women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Pink Diva Café. To learn more, visit Lakeysha-Marie’s fashion blog and personal style website **WomenOf readers will receive a free “Body Type Basics Guide" to identify your body type when you subscribe.