Thursday, April 22 2021

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Re-Defining Your Image
by Lakeysha-Marie

The beginning of a new year is always exciting! The hustle and bustle of “out with the old” and “in with the new” sparks inspiration for some of the most fantastic style transformations. However in the midst of these wardrobe overhauls, I often find that one key element is often missing from clothing selection–a woman’s goals and dreams.

Our appearance is an expression of who we are and gives the viewer insight into our thoughts, life style and goals. So it comes as no surprise that a confident personal image is based on incorporating these elements within our look. Fortunately, plugging this piece into the style puzzle is not as tricky as it seems, and is something that many of us do without ever realizing it.

Here’s an example: When deciding what to wear for a job interview, our first instinct is to read the job description. In doing so we ensure our personal image reflects the goal we want to achieve (i.e. getting hired).

Dressing for an interview, and dressing for life are no different. By styling ourselves according to our dreams, we are in essence packing our suitcase for the journey and laying the foundation for continuous motivation.

Take a moment to ask yourself "Is my appearance a reflection of who I am, and where I want to go in life?" If your response is undefined, you will readily find the answer to this question in your wardrobe. Go to your closet and lay out your garments in plain view, and ask yourself again apostropheDo these clothes reflect who I truly am, and where I plan to go life?"

Separate the clothes into two piles. One pile for “Yesapostrophe, and the second pile for “Noapostrophe. Return the “Yesapostrophe pile to your closet, as it will serve as a foundation for your new wardrobe. Take a look at the “Noapostrophe pile. Why did you buy these items? Was it on sale? A trend of the moment? Identifying why you bought these items will help you to avoid the same mistakes on future shopping trips.

Bag up the “Noapostrophe piles and drop it off at your local charity shop. Not only are you freeing up room in your own life for positive changes, you are also benefiting the life of another woman as well!

About the Author:
Lakeysha-Marie is a fashion stylist, a women’s fit technologist, author and columnist for women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Pink Diva Café. To learn more and to receive free makeover advice and hints, visit Lakeysha-Marie’s fashion blog and personal style website