Friday, April 16 2021

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The Ruche Trend
by Lakeysha-Marie

Ruche styles are back on the fashion “it-list” for the fall/winter season –and with good reason. The chic and sexy draping of ruche fabric is a clever way to both enhance physical assets, and detract from figure flaws. The secret to successfully choosing a stunning ruche style is the size and placement of the ruche detail. Read on for expert tips and advice on wearing this stellar trend!

Ruche Placement

Hourglass. Use ruche details to enhance an hourglass silhouette by wearing a dress or top with a ruche waist. This will further define the waist and highlight the natural balance of your upper and lower body.

Pear Shape. For those of us with full hips and thighs, ruche details along the upper body are a lovely way to wear this trend. Ruche details along the bodice, sleeves or neckline will bring the eye up shifting the focus away from the fuller lower body.

Top Heavy. Fuller on top with a leaner lower body? Turn heads with a ruche pencil skirt. Dresses with a smooth bodice and gentle ruche details on the lower half of the dress really flatter this silhouette.

Straight. Looking to create curves? Ruche detail all the way down the front of the top/dress in a cut that skims the body line will emphasize and create curves. Vertical ruche details along the side seam will highlight a lean torso.

Ruche Size

A ruche detail is series of folds that are created when the fabric is gathered. The tighter the gather, the smaller the fold. Small folds work best for emphasizing physical assets because this type of ruche detail usually results in a cut that is form-fitting.

When disguising figure flaws, a loose ruche detail works the best. This allows the fabric to spill across the body in a flattering drape that smoothes over curves.

Designers have indulged us this season with ruche styles ranging from minimal gathers along the sleeves, to all-over ruche dresses. When shopping for ruche styles this season, always remember the placement and size of the detail. This will ensure a figure-flattering fit that’s red carpet ready, every time.

Photo credit: Marcio Madeira, Derek Lam F’09 RTW, Courtesy of

About the Author:
Lakeysha-Marie is a fashion stylist, a women’s fit technologist, author and columnist for women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine Pink Diva Café. To learn more, visit Lakeysha-Marie’s fashion blog and personal style website **WomenOf readers will receive a free “Body Type Basics Guide" to identify your body type when you subscribe.