Monday, September 27 2021

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Have Fun With Color in Your Home
by Carmen Proctor

Good news…there are a million color combinations that allow you to give your home a new look without breaking the bank. Here are some ideas that you can implement quickly and easily to give your space a whole new look for fall.

Have fun with color this fall!


The colors that surround us are a reflection of who we are and how we felt when we selected them… but isn’t it nice to have a little change every once in awhile? We call this a color blast, and this time of year is usually when we need it most.

* PILLOWS –the simplest way to make an impact on the palette of a room quickly, inexpensively and with great flexibility. Pillows and pillow-covers can be used seasonally, or as the mood strikes. Keep some spare covers in the back of your linen closet to punch up your palette with a little color blast!

* ARTWORK – DecorWalls brings the selection of top art galleries straight into your home (but at real prices). Hundreds of hand-selected art pieces in every shape, size and color can give you a sophisticated color blast as fast as you can hang a painting (and we’ll even handle that part for you!).

* WINDOWS – It makes sense that one of the main sources of light is a critical piece in the color blast puzzle. Anything from a colorful, woven tie-back to a new, tinted sheer to a whole new window look can make a visual and emotional pop in a room. You greet guests warmly when they enter your home – do the same with light and color!

About the author:

© 2008 Decor&You. Carmen Proctor ( is a Certified Interior Decorator and Territory Director in Colorado for Decor&You. Carmen’s love of art and her management expertise inspired her to become a business entrepreneur and a Decor&You franchise owner whose design team provides full-service furnishing and interior decorating services to area residents and businesses, at no hourly fees or hidden costs. For more information, please call Decor&You of Denver at 303-730-4122.