Sunday, September 19 2021

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Holiday Decorating That Glows All Winter
by Carmen Proctor

In traditional holiday decorating, people layer on greenery, florals, glitz and embellishments to create a festive mood in their homes. Most end up either in the trash by New Year’s Day or boxed up in the attic for the next 11 months.

There are more sensible and eco-friendly ways to stretch decorating dollars this year, say the professional decorators at Decor&You. They advise introducing a new, but complementary color theme to create a beautiful new glow in December that you can live with and enjoy all through the winter.

Here are a few ways to use this affordable and practical approach, and give your home holiday appeal that lasts long after the presents are unwrapped.

1.Begin with an area rug that either warms up or brightens your main gathering space – by introducing a new pattern or accent colors. This bordered rug, for example, offers elements of tradition with a contemporary feeling and a riot of color. The warm red and gold ground with accents of blue and green make it compatible with a wide spectrum of interiors.

2. New candleholders can add stylish glow to your special events and your ordinary winter evenings spent at home. These jewel-ornamented pop with current style. Together with the area rug, they extend the multi-color palette in a sophisticated way onto a coffee table or mantle piece.

3. Throw pillows put the punctuation on your new color theme. This luxurious square with its trendy geometric pattern plays delightfully with the blues and reds in the rug.

4. Try a combination of accent pillows and candleholders that capitalize on current metal design trends. The silken copper and blue of this rectangular pillow is tastefully adorned with airy florals, reminiscent of a winter garden. The graceful hammered copper pillar candles seem poised in prayer.

5. Quality faux greenery offers a soft touch that is guaranteed to look fresh from the forest until spring. This contemporary wreath that plays dramatically with shape and hue.

6. Whether you choose blues, greens or yellows to perk up your space, new throws can add a celebration of saturated color. Choose textiles with a hand-woven appeal, bespeaking luxury and care.

For product information or for help creating a space you love being in, contact your local Decor&You decorator, Carmen Proctor at 303-730-4122, or visit