Thursday, September 23 2021

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Toolbox Essentials
by Judy Browne

Iapostrophem often asked what tools I think should be in your toolbox. If you have these tools you should be ready for most simple repairs and maintenance. Some of these make GREAT stocking stuffers, too!

  1. Safety Glasses - A home improvement MUST! Protect your eyes, youapostrophell be glad you did.
  2. Gloves - You never know when youapostrophell need them and splinters really do hurt.
  3. 16 oz Finish Hammer - Great for big and small jobs and fits nicely in your toolbox.
  4. 6 in 1 Screwdriver- Has phillips and slotted tips along with 2 different sized nut drivers. It doesnapostrophet hurt to have several of these.
  5. 25 ft Tape Measure - Compact enough for small scale work but stretches for bigger tasks.
  6. Utility Knife (box knife) - Great for cutting just about anything from vinyl floor and roofing shingles to cardboard. Buy extra blades and change them often.
  7. Adjustable Wrenches - a 6 inch and a 10 inch should cover almost any job.
  8. Receptacle Tester - A must for electrical inspections and mapping your circuits.
  9. Torpedo Level - A nice compact tool that works well for when hanging pictures, shelving and small carpentry projects.
  10. 24 inch Level - For big and small tasks. You may not use it often but youapostrophell be glad you have it when its needed.
  11. Stud Finder - Use it to find the "studs" in your walls for hanging artwork, shelves and more. They work!
  12. Caulk Gun - Youapostrophell use this for all kinds of jobs from tub & tile work in your bath and kitchen to gutters and sidewalk repairs.
  13. Cordless Drill - Use as a drill and power screwdriver. A 12V model will handle most around the house tasks. Power tools - the great equalizer.
  14. Drill & Screwdriver Bit Set - Use with your cordless drill for all kinds of chores.

About the author:

Judy Browne is the creator and founder of Workshop for Women, LLC. Workshop for Women offers fun hands-on classes in basic home improvement skills especially designed for women. Classes include: Power Tools, Carpentry, Pluming, Electrical, Drywall Repair and more. Visit for more information or give Judy a call at 303-284-6354.