Thursday, September 23 2021

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Closets Can Be Scary
by Sandy Reavey

What did the first trick or treats consist of? Cakes, usually sweet with currants.

What year did trick or treating begin in the US? 1939


Closets can be scary! Remember the ghosts of youth who slithered in closet corners, and the monsters who hid under your bed? Closets were often dark, musty, and filled with seldom-used items. Perhaps during games of hide’n’seek, you hid in a closet, only to be more afraid of what lurked in its corners than being found by your pursuers?

Indeed, closets can even be frightening to adults! Your closet may still house monsters if you find yourself wasting time searching for things, wasting money buying duplicates, paying for off-site storage of additional stuff, or being drained of energy by piles of accumulations.

It is no wonder that our mammoth closets spilleth over! American consumers are encouraged to over purchase because wealth is equated with an abundance of material things. Also, regular maintenance of our closets requires spooky choices, scary decisions, and monsterous time. Often it is easier to bewitchingly procrastinate (postpone decisions), or to slam the door to hide the slimey mess.

No need to BOO HOO, or go batty! There are many things you can do to prepare for the stress and excitement of the holidays this Fall. The first step in tackling your closets is to take stock, donate, re-gift, or sell that which you no longer need/use. Keep only what you really love and use. Also, make seasonal changes, and move things around to experience a change of energy flow. Next, plan ahead for the activities of the holidays by making a list(s) and calendaring the important dates and deadlines for mailings, parties, and shopping. Be sure to
have realistic expectations for yourself (we cannot all be Martha Stewarts).

Finally, if you are truly overwhelmed, seek help from professionals, like myself, who can help you with organization challenges. Happy Haunting! Make this a bootiful holiday season by giving yourself the gift of energy that comes from organizing (gift certificates also available). Don’t let your filing (or the IRS) haunt you anymore either...purchase a wonderful home filing system from me or as a gift (I can help set it up too). In other words, “Organize to Energize!apostrophe

About the author:

Sandy Reavey, Organize to Energize 303-751-3220