Thursday, September 23 2021

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The Feng Shui Million-Dollar Question to Sell Your Home
Beverly Hlavka

As a Feng Shui consultant, I have worked with many real estate agents over the years. At times, agents would be moaning about not being able to sell a home and they could not figure out why. Lovely homes, priced well in fantastic neighborhoods were receiving lots of attention and many showings, but no offers were coming forward. Whenever I heard this type of concern from an agent, I had to ask them just one question. One question gave me insight into why a beautiful, well-priced home was not selling. The million-dollar question: “Is the intention of the homeowners, including family members, fully focused on selling the house?”

Intention is everything in Feng Shui. Energy follows what you focus on; this is the law of physics. If your clear intention is to sell a house, it will sell. If even one family member does not want to sell the house, chances are very good that it will not sell. If you are afraid that no one will like your home, or it will take a long time to sell an expensive property, then that is exactly what you will get. The universe will support your thoughts, or you will get more of exactly what you think. If you believe your home will sell quickly and the perfect buyers are walking up to the front door on the first showing that is probably what will happen.

Houses are more than just a structure; they are homes and places of wonderful memories. If the occupants are not willing to let go of those memories to go on to something bigger and better, the house will not sell. Real estate agents and homeowners can prepare a home to the best of their ability and it may be for naught. The intention and focus must be on letting go of the house first. A few steps to this include thanking the house for the support and protection over the years. Houses have a heart just as we do as we are all made up of the same energetic stuff. We must honor our heart and the heart of the home in order for a process of letting go to begin.

A real estate agent in Minneapolis had a problem of not being able to sell a million dollar property on a fantastic lake. It was in a fabulous location and had many families go through the house with great interest. She requested my advice, so I asked her my question, and she immediately went to the homeowners for a family discussion. After the entire family agreed moving was the best and they thanked the home, the house immediately sold for more than the asking price.

There are obviously other reasons why homes do not sell when they are on the market. I worked with a real estate agent that was personally selling a condominium and it sat on the market for months. She was desperate to sell and her intention was clear in selling. I suggested she spray a combination of lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus with water into the room as this combination will clear any residual energy she left behind and create a more neutral environment. Potential buyers will notice this neutrality and the home will “feel” more inviting. I also suggested she place a piece of crystal in the helpful people corner of the condo (the lower right corner) with the intention of calling in the next buyer for the condo. She went home immediately and placed some Waterford crystal per my suggestion. She sprayed the blend of essential oils and the next day, she received a great offer. This is no coincidence, just a little help from Feng Shui in the helpful people area.

Another real estate agent couldn’t sell a million dollar property in an ideal location. It sat on the market for months. One thing she noticed was that people were not staying very long in the house. She did not understand why they would go through

the home quickly and leave. I toured the home and upon arriving at the front entrance, I was greeted by two large lion statues. Animals or totems are very protective and can be intimidating. These two statues were protecting the house and subliminally frightening people away. The statues could not be removed, but the homeowner “asked” the lions to welcome potential buyers instead of frightening them away. The home sold within a week of this energetic discussion.

Clearing clutter out of a home is a big part of getting it ready for sale. This is also letting go and preparing for the new place that is coming into your life. If you have too much stuff, you are telling the universe that you do not need anything new to come in. Is that the message you want to send? Let go of the things that are holding you back and allow the energy to flow in balance and harmony throughout the space.

Let new opportunities and new places appear as if comes out of nowhere. There is never a coincidence in life, just the universe supporting what you believe to be true. Feng Shui will meet you where you are in the journey of life and lovingly support you along the way. Focus your intention on selling a home, thank it for supporting you and your family and allow it to move on to the new owner. Get ready for your next home because you will be in it before you know it.

Beverly Hlavka is a certified Feng Shui consultant and Aromatherapist. She offers guidance for consumers purchasing Feng Shui products as well as Feng Shui decorating ideas for the home. Her many Feng Shui tips help to enhance every area of your life.