Thursday, September 23 2021

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Summer astrology supports weight loss goals
by Victoria Bazeley

The astrology of this summer, starting on July1, is unusually supportive for those who want to lose weight.

Saturn and Mars will both be in the health conscious sign of Virgo, and both of them can help you lose weight. Saturn is the traditional planet of weight-loss, and Mars is the traditional planet of exercise. Saturn can help people sustain a disciplined weight-loss program. Mars provides the motivation to build strength and boost metabolism. Here are 5 tips to take advantage of this summerapostrophes superlative weight-loss aspects.

  1. Detoxify. Virgo as a sign likes purity, and it is a natural detoxification sign. Youapostrophell do better staying away from highly processed foods, foods that have been subjected to a lot of pesticides or chemicals, or foods with additives. Artificial sugars and sweeteners are also not recommended.
  2. Swing by the local farmers market. With fuel prices rising, food that doesnapostrophet have to travel is likely to be cheaper. Youapostrophere probably also less likely to run into some of the food safety scares that have plagued the recently. Furthermore, Saturn in Virgo really encourages close attention to pure, natural, fresh fruits and vegetables, and it loves to feel virtuous too. Supporting your local farmers can help meet both of those needs.
  3. Nix the fast food. The essence of Saturn in Virgo is slow food and planned meals. Saturn in Virgo honors food; it doesnapostrophet just gulp it down for convenience. Thatapostrophes why planning and organization come in so handy. Saturn in Virgo prefers to savor and taste the subtle flavors, and it enjoys the process of planning to have a meal rather than grabbing one on the run.
  4. Pump some iron to kick-start your metabolism. Mars is the planet of weight-training to build muscle, which boosts your metabolism. Use July and August while Mars is in Virgo to do some muscle-sculpting by incorporating modest weights into your regimen. The idea is not to bulk up as that is counter to the Saturn in Virgo influence, so do not use heavy weights if possible. Smaller weights and more reps are preferable. Try walking with a weighted vest, for example.
  5. Drink lots of water. You need to do this anyway during the hot summer months to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water also tends to decrease appetite and speed the loss of excess water weight. Even better, the Virgo sign influence positively relishes the purity and simple satisfaction of water as a beverage. Savor and enjoy the process of cleansing and refreshing the palate, which drinking water helps to do. Add a twist of lemon for even more benefits.

But most of all, enjoy the process. Losing weight and going on an exercise program arenapostrophet always enjoyable for many of us. The day-to-day rewards of going on a diet are often slimmer than the bodies we aspire to. But planets in Virgo look at things a bit differently. They are positively reinforced by images of vital, healthful living. The process of losing weight is enjoyable to this sign because it represents a feeling of improvement, control, health, energy, and even freedom from toxic influences. Dose yourself with happy, positive images of health and lean living, and reward yourself frequently with encouragement and reinforcement for your efforts. Focus obsessively on every single modest achievement and build on that. Reward yourself with praise for your healthy efforts instead of with junk food and youapostrophell be well on your way to slim, healthy body in 2008.

Victoria Bazeley may be reached at