Sunday, September 19 2021

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A Hot New Way to Beat the Winter Fitness Blues
by David Clair

As the cold and dark days of winter creep in many adults cut back on their fitness routines as they lack motivation to head outdoors or are bored with treadmills and stair steppers. This is especially true during the holidays when many Americans put on a few pounds with a barrage of parties, festivities and family feasts. And although Colorado is a haven for the athletic, many are at a loss during the winter; the mornings are dark, the trails icy and the monotony of treadmills and stair steppers less than intriguing.

This winter though, adults will have the opportunity to sweat their way to fitness fun on an indoor vibrant green field of artificial grass. Artificial grass that is. Participants of Fitness For Living’s Boot Camps will be working up a sweat running, bounding and lunging their way to fitness fun. Fitness For Living is proud to announce that they have secured Boulder County’s only indoor field for a series of winter Boot Camps. So, when the cold and dark days of winter hit you no longer have to cut back on outdoor pursuits and fitness routines.

“It has been my dream to offer winter fitness camps in a fun and safe environment,apostrophe explains Camp Director David Clair. “I have been hesitant to offer our high energy, variety-packed style of fitness on wood floors for fear of injury. Our campers are constantly moving and a padded ‘grass’ field creates the ideal setting.apostrophe

Fitness For Living, best known for their warm-weather outdoor camps, is proud to announce that they have secured Boulder County’s only indoor field for a series of five-week winter Boot Camps. From November to March, adults can beat the winter chill and shed a few pounds under the lights of the Boulder Indoor Soccer facility.

The Boot Camps are designed for a wide range of ability and fitness levels, from the meek and weak to the lean and mean. Campers inspire, support and cheer on each other. It is those group dynamics and friendships formed that make the camps so unique.

Activities may include running relay races, hopping stairs, negotiating an agility circuit or traversing an obstacle course. “I love the fact that the workouts change every day and you never know what youapostrophere going to get,apostrophe commented Lee Ann Baronett, a camp participant. “On top of that, having a group of people to help you through the workout makes a big difference too.apostrophe

Fitness For Living’s Winter Boot Camps meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:10-7:20 a.m. and 7:35-8:45 a.m. Upcoming camp sessions are November 3 - December 10, January 12 – February 16 and February 16 – March 20. Cost is $275 and includes before and after fitness assessments, body composition tests and nutritional guidance.

For more information contact Fitness For Living at 303-443-8141 or visit