Thursday, September 23 2021

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Women's Safety Tips - January is National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month - Safer 2009
by Kelly Rudolph

The term "self-defense" is anything but warm and fuzzy though vital to know something about, even if itapostrophes only a little something. Amazingly enough, just knowing a little something can literally save your life or that of a loved one. This topic is extremely important for women because we tend to be the safety advocates for our families, friends and workplaces.

Self-Defense sounds like it has to do with defending ourselves from someone who is physically attacking us, doesnapostrophet it? The fact is, there are types of attacks we endure every day without notice. These wear us down until we physically appear to be good targets for physical attack, but physical attack is not where it starts.

I think January being National Personal Self-Defense Awareness Month is brilliant! It is a time for reflection and revisions and what could be a better time to learn to respect ourselves? The non-physical types of attack are verbal, mental and emotional. So, January, with itapostrophes renewal and new beginnings, is a perfect time to say, "Yes," to ourselves; "Yes," to our self-esteem; "Yes," to our self-awareness and "Yes," to our self-respect; improving both our mental and emotional well-being; while simultaneously repelling would-be attackers of all types, even physical!

Did you know that approximately 95% of crime can be easily prevented? And as a survivor of rape and domestic violence myself, I know that prevention is much easier than recovery.

So where do I begin for a safer 2009?

  • You begin on the inside - How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel confident that you are just as good as anyone else or do you feel that other people are better than you?
  • Then you look at people in your life - Who seems to weaken you when you spend time with them? Who strengthens you? Who is present when you feel best about yourself?
  • Now look at how you treat yourself - Do you say "No," to others when appropriate and realize youapostrophere saying "Yes," to yourself? Or do you beat yourself up if you donapostrophet help everyone who asks?

That is where you begin for a Safer 2009. Stay tuned, as I go into more detail of where to go from here and you will notice improvements in all aspects of your life when you put these tips into action!

So...self-defense can warm and fuzzy once you learn what it really means and how to use it to your advantage; not just against someone else. The idea is to become so strong mentally and emotionally that no one can tear you down into exhibiting weak body language, the most common "visual" attackers use to select victims.

Bonus Safety Tip: As you take action on the tips Iapostropheve shared with you, you will notice how many other people need the tips as well. So, I invite you and them to be even safer by visiting to grab your sample Safety Quick Tip and the option of receiving a free one each week plus instant bonuses.

About the author:

Kelly Rudolph is Your Personal Safety Trainer. She survived rape and domestic violence prior to training extensively to create a program to teach others how to avoid becoming victims of creeps and criminals.

In learning the tips and tricks to personal safety, Kelly learned they are the same for finding and keeping healthy relationships, good communication and peace of mind. The benefits of what she shares positively impact every aspect of life.

Kelly has appeared on national TV with John Walsh of Americaapostrophes Most Wanted and frequents news broadcasts as an expert on personal safety and self-defense.

She is the author of four personal safety books:

=> Just Do The Small Stuff...Simple, Effective Ways To Be Safe
=> Safety Quick Tips eBook and Audio Book
=> Safety Quick Tips - The QUIZ
=> Back Off! - The College Studentapostrophes Guide To Safety

Kelly produced the Safety Quick Tips DVD, which shows vital basics in personal safety and self-defense in her signature quick, to the point style.

Kelly provides Personal Safety Seminars for the corporate and college markets. Her clients enjoy ongoing access to their own Personal Safety Trainer as they join her for teleseminars, webcasts and weekly Safety Quick Tips.

Kellyapostrophes specialty is making safety fun and empowering instead of complicated and scary. Her programs always include humor and taking responsibility for your own choices. She only teaches the positive what TO do instead of the negative what NOT to do, which clutters the mind with dangerous information.

Kelly resides in San Diego, California, which she calls Heaven without Dieting.