Sunday, September 19 2021

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Moms Get Techie in 2009 With New Media and Technology
by Amy Sobel

Todayapostrophes time-starved, multi-tasking mothers are using more than band-aids and paper-based calendars to manage their hectic lifestyles and growing families. Mothers, now more than ever, are using technology such as video, blogs and wireless devices to multi-task through their busy days, using more than 5 separate technologies daily. 2009 stands to produce a record number of tech-savvy mothers bridging devices together to create everyday solutions.

According to research released by industry expert Maria Bailey in her new book, Mom 3.0: Marketing with Todayapostrophes Mothers by Leveraging New Media & Technology, a momapostrophes primary objective in using technology is to stay in touch with her busy family and manage their schedules effectively. In 2009, Moms will delve even deeper into the world of technology as they discover new functionalities of the tools they are already using.

Five technology trends to watch for in 2009 in the mom market cited by Bailey include:

1. The Emergence of Mom 3.0

They may be living in a 2.0 world but todayapostrophes moms are creating their own systems of solutions to operate on a 3.0 level. According to research by Baileyapostrophes marketing to moms firm, BSM Media, the majority of moms (65%) utilize 5 or more forms of technology every day. These moms are turning to devices such as computers, cell phones and mp3 players, as well as communication forums like blogs and instant messaging, to stay connected with their families, deliver useful content to their peers and manage their fast-paced worlds.

"Mom 3.0 is a powerful consumer who not only purchases products, but influences the decision making process of her peers through the use of new media, technology and content that is relevant and intuitive," said Bailey. "She is the living, breathing personification of what Internet trend analysts foresee in the emergence of Web 3.0."

2. Vlogs Become the New Blogs

Bailey predicts that Mom vloggers will outnumber Mommy bloggers by the end of 2009, as moms begin to see the ease of distributing and consuming information through video. Research conducted by BSM Media points to online video as the next preferred media among Moms. In fact, 82% of moms have watched 2 or more videos in the last week, versus 35% who have read blogs in the last week.

According to 64% of moms, video is an appealing format because itapostrophes adaptable to their lifestyles. Vlogs allow Moms to learn and share with other Moms -- all while stirring macaroni and cheese and answering homework questions. And the emergence of convenient, handheld camcorders, such as the Flip Video, makes shooting and uploading home videos easy and accessible. Currently, , has built the largest network of Mommy Vloggers who review products and chronicle their journeys through parenthood.

3. The Return of Podcasts

In 2009, a decade after the buzzword was coined, podcasts will make a comeback. Back in 1999, when podcasts first emerged on the technology landscape, only 20% of moms owned some form of mp3 player. However, today, over 80% of moms have a means to listen to a podcast, whether through computer downloads or popular mp3 players like the iPod and Zune. Whatever listening device Moms choose, podcasts are a perfect fit for an on-the-go lifestyle. Moms can download specialized talk radio, shows and music and take entertainment and relevant content with them throughout their day, whether they are driving carpool in a minivan or jogging behind a double stroller.

With 80% of the market having the right tools in hand, itapostrophes time for this medium to experience the growth it deserves.

4. Twitter, Micro blogging, Instant Messaging Expands In Functionality For Moms

Moms have contributed to the growth of the social media phenomenon because interacting virtually with their peers allows them to nurture relationships in a simpler way. Joining social networking sites allows Moms to share product recommendations and parenting advice with like-minded Moms across the country. Recent statistics show that more than 40% of American mothers have Facebook profiles.

And now that these multi-tasking Moms have grown comfortable using these platforms to share with their peers, they are starting to use them to fulfill another core motivator -- staying in touch with their families. Just as many mothers have found texting to be an effective form of communication with their kids in 2008, in 2009 Moms will be tweeting, instant messaging and creating profiles on sites such as Facebook and MySpace to keep up with their adolescents and tweens.

5. Digital Photography and Video Sharing Leaves the Laptop

With the popularity of the Nintendo Wii among moms, Bailey hypothesizes that they will soon discover the functionalities of sharing photos over the game system and move their memory sharing from online to their living room. By inserting her cameraapostrophes memory card into her Wii, a mom can create an interactive photo slideshow that can be shown in her home, as the perfect backdrop to a party, or shared virtually with other moms or family members that have access to the game system.

Since many moms will be resolving to actually get their photos off of their cameras this New Year, digital photo frames will grow in popularity. Most of these widely available and easy-to-use devices allow Moms to store and display over 4,000 images in an attractive setting that fits in with any decor.

The above research was conducted by BSM Media in conjunction with the release of Mom 3.0. Over 3,000 Moms across the United States were surveyed in June 2008 and these statistics are just a small sample of the plethora of Mom Market research that can be found in Mom 3.0. Filled with ideas, insights and creative programs to help you update your current strategies, as well as input from real-world Moms, Mom 3.0 will help prepare any brand for the future of Mom Marketing.

Maria T. Bailey is the foremost authority on marketing to moms. Her company, BSM Media, specializes solely in marketing to mothers. In addition to Mom 3.0, she is the author of "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market" and "Trillion Dollar Moms: Marketing to a New Generation of Mothers."